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The Reasons You Keep Getting Pimples On Eyebrows

Pimples don't discriminate! Pimples can occur anywhere on the body. The face, nose and forehead remain the most problematic areas, but it doesn't spare your eyebrows also.

Pimples on eyebrows are more common than you would think. You might think it is a one-time wonder, but suddenly you start to experience it more and more. Caused by blocked hair follicles by oil and bacteria, pimples are tiny bumps on your skin. It looks particularly uncanny when the area is your eyebrows.

And if you want to get rid of it, you need to know what's causing them so that you can treat the issue. If you are confused and wondering why you are getting pimples on eyebrows lately, you are at the right place. Here are most likely reasons for your pimples on eyebrows.


Threading And Waxing

If you have sensitive skin, threading and waxing are probably what is causing the pimples on your eyebrows. But, we can't also do without getting our eyebrows done. So, how to deal with it then? Well, being careful before and after getting your eyebrows done helps a lot.

Exfoliate a day or two before going to get threading done. After it is done, apply some aloe vera gel or ice to soothe the skin.


Your Brow Products

The products we use to improve our look sometimes are the culprit behind the skin issues we face. Your brow products may contain comedogenic ingredients. These are the ingredients that block the skin pores, causing pimples and breakouts. Be very particular about choosing the products your use. Look for good products with non-comedogenic ingredients.


Dirty Eyebrow Tools

We can't stress enough on the importance of using clean make-up brushes. If you haven't cleaned your make-up brushes in a long time, that might be the reason for you getting frequent pimples on eyebrows. The bacteria contained in your dirty tools is transferred to your brows. This bacterial infestation causes various skin problems including pimples.

So, make sure to clean your brushes at least once a week and you won't ever face this issue again.


Packing On Product

Eyebrows are one area of the face we are not very particular when it comes to cleansing or applying make-up products. We don't pay enough attention to it while washing the face. On top of that, we subject it to all kinds of brow products- powder, gel and wax. That leads to a huge product build-up which exactly isn't cleansed properly leading to pimples and breakouts.

To prevent that, clean your brows properly every night before going to sleep. This way you can style your brows the way you want without having to worry about clogging the hair follicle and causing pimples.


Ingrown Hair

If you struggle with ingrown hair, the pimple on your eyebrows is most likely caused by it. A hair strand stuck under your skin causes ingrown hair. This ingrown hair can attract dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells inside the hair follicle, leading to pimples on forehead. Exfoliating is the most popular way to get rid of ingrown hair. If you are constantly getting pimples, make sure to exfoliate once a week.

Story first published: Thursday, October 15, 2020, 18:43 [IST]
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