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What Causes Monsoon Acne And How To Deal With It

Monsoon season has begun. The constant rains and the rising humidity levels in the monsoon make your skin sticky, vulnerable and prone to breakouts. This change in skin behaviour is why season skincare matters so much. Unfortunately, monsoon is the season when your acne flares up, especially if you have acne-prone (oily) or combination skin. We are sure that you must have added a few steps in your skincare routine to make it monsoon-proof, but that isn't enough.

Here are some tips to deal with monsoon acne ane enjoy this beautiful season. But, before that let's understand the reason behind your monsoon acne.

What Causes Monsoon Acne

During the monsoon, the humidity increases. Along with the hot temperature, this makes for an excellent place for bacterial infestation that leads to acne flare-ups. The skin also produces more sebum in the monsoon season leaving it greasy and sticky. This attracts more dirt and grime to your skin that eventually blocks the skin pores and causes acne. And that is precisely the reason why you see the acne breakouts the most in monsoon season.


Keep that hand away from your face

We transfer the most bacteria on our face through our hands. In the monsoon, that is even more bigger a risk. Touching the face can infect your skin and lead to acne. To keep your skin healthy, keep your hands to yourself and when you do touch your face, make sure your hands are clean.


How To Deal With Monsoon Acne

Get on board with an antibacterial facial cleanser

The greasy skin of the monsoon attracts dirt and grime on your face. Couple with the dead skin cells, the build-up of all things nasty can be a major reason for your monsoon acne. Cleansing your face regularly, therefore, becomes most important. For the monsoon season, nothing will make the cut but a gentle antibacterial facial cleanser. Wash your face twice a day using an antibacterial face wash to keep the germs at bay. This is especially important after you come home from being drenched in rain.

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Do not lag on exfoliation

Moisture in the air with the soaring temperature makes your skin oily and sweaty which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The greasy skin also attracts dirt from around you, resulting in clogged pores- a perfect excuse for acne. Cleaning your skin isn't enough to beat the monsoon moisture. For deeper cleansing, exfoliate your skin twice a week. This unclogs the skin pores and reduces the risk of acne.


Steam it away

Monsoon requires a thorough cleaning of your skin pores. And exfoliating the skin isn't always the solution. For skin that is acne-prone, we highly;y suggest you treat your skin to steam. The soothing steam opens up your skin pores and clears all the build-up leaving you with fresh and clean skin. Do not touch your face a lot during and after the steaming process to prevent further clogging of the open pores.

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Say no to oily foods

The hot and humid temperature of the monsoon causes your skin to produce excess sebum. This leaves your skin oily and prone to breakouts. At times like these, it is important that you keep a check on your diet and cut back on the oily foods. Oily foods make your skin even more oily and sticky thereby inviting acne. A healthy diet during the monsoon will keep your skin happy and healthy.


Moisturiser to increase skin barrier

We often mistake sweating for hydrating. The hot and humid weather of the monsoon leaves your skin sweaty which does not equate to moisturising. In fact, properly moisturised skin produces less sebum, empowers your skin and thus reduces the risk of acne. Keep your skin moisturised to prevent it from any probable damage. The hot weather of the monsoon can be hard on your skin, especially oily skin. Opt for a lightweight water-based or gel-based moisturiser for the monsoon season. It will leave your skin refreshed but not greasy.


Bring that toner out

Using a toner becomes extremely important during the monsoon. On the days that you are not exfoliating, using a toner removes the leftover grime from your skin and give you a thorough cleansing. Following the CTM(cleanser, toner and moisturiser) routine is the best bet for your skin in monsoon.


Keep your make-up minimal

For the monsoon, less is more approach is the best. To keep your skin healthy, it is important to cut back on the heavy make-up. So, if you were looking for a break from make-up, monsoon is your perfect excuse. The heavy layers of make-up are difficult to manage with the constant rains and the humid temperature. It can get into your skin pores, block your pores and cause acne. So, a no-make-up natural look is the best choice for the monsoon season.

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