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Can't Stop Touching Your Face? 7 Tips To Stop Picking Your Face

You are working, reading a mail - deep in your thoughts and suddenly realise you are doing it again. Doing what you may wonder now - picking your face! It is completely normal for the human brain to wander, which in turn makes your hand wander and land on your face, picking at that pimple or dry skin.

While it may give you a certain sense of satisfaction, your skin hates it and eventually, you'll hate yourself for not stopping the self-hand assault on your face. So, to help you stop wallowing from seeing all that scars in future, we've gathered some tips on how you can stop picking your face - once and for all. Read ahead.

Tips To Stop Picking Your Face

1. Hide the mirror

Start by stopping looking in the mirror too often and too much. Even though they're great for applying makeup or keeping our eyebrows tidy at home, these mirrors may encourage picking by making each 'flaw' visible and inciting temptation. Likewise, avoid staring at the bathroom mirror too long, especially right after a hot shower.

2. Trim your nails

Keeping your nails short is another way to stop this behaviour. To avoid using your nails for picking, you should clip or file your nails at least once a week. It is especially useful in more mild cases or an occasional picker. Furthermore, shorter and cleaner nails decrease the risk of infections that can lead to skin flare-ups.

3. Use your hands - for other things

It's a good idea to keep your hands busy when you're trying to wean yourself from the habit of picking your face, whether that's something as simple as keeping a stress ball or simply going to the garden and watering your plants.

4. Try meditation

As well as reducing stress and anxiety and developing concentration, meditation can be used to develop new habits and feelings. For example, this practice can make you aware of the negative thoughts that lead to anxiety, which can help stop your habit of picking your face.

5. Try face masks

A cream or sheet mask may work as a barrier to keep you from picking while you work or rest. Additionally, nourished skin is less prone to irritation. A soothing mask may also help reduce irritation and inflammation after the damage has been done.

6. See a dermatologist

Picking acne lesions is likely to delay healing, make them look worse, and result in new lesions. Thus, treating acne or other underlying conditions is essential to treating skin or hair picking. Get the help of a professional for healing your skin and selecting a healthy skincare regimen suited to your skin type and concerns.

7. Consider medication

It is vital to ensure that the underlying issues are addressed. Psychologically, antidepressants and therapy can be life-changing - OTC supplements may also help. Consult your doctor before taking any medications or supplements.

Note: If you make it a habit and always know where your hands are, it will be easier to break this pattern.

On A Final Note...

When people exhibit excessive picking, cause scarring or infections from picking, spend a considerable amount of time picking or feel compelled to eliminate imperfections, picking their faces may be associated with anxiety and OCD.

Skin or hair picking/pulling becomes problematic when used to relieve anxiety or stress. We pick our faces occasionally, but the biggest difference is the feelings associated with the habit. While there may be significant acne in many cases, people often scratch even with very few lesions. Known as dermatillomania, this psychological disorder is caused by a compulsion to pick or pull that can significantly disrupt one's life.

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