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This Is The Skincare Routine You Should Follow Before Workout

Workouts energise us and who can not love the glow that comes with the workout. Your skin definitely benefits from the sweat. Or does it really?

Working out for most of us means going to the gym. That means sharing the same equipment with multiple people, touching the surfaces many sweaty hands have touched and the possible chances of infecting your skin and inviting skin issues. The constant touching of the face also makes your skin prone to bacterial infestation and thus breakouts.

And so, as you prepare yourself for the gym by getting gym shoes and clothes, preparing your skin for working out is also important. Maintaining a proper skincare routine before hitting the gym is what will protect your skin from the potential disaster. Today we share with you the perfect pre-workout skincare routine that you need to follow.


Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly

It is very important to cleanse your face thoroughly before hitting the gym. It removes all the build-up on the skin from the night before, unclogs your skin pores and prepares your skin for the workout. Whether you go to the gym in the morning or not, washing your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning is a great skincare habit to have.


Apply Lip Balm

All that exercise, huffing and puffing can make your lips dry. If you haven't noticed, during the workouts we tend to lick our lips. This can make your lips extremely dry and leave you with chapped lips. Put on a lip balm so that your lips are nourished and moisturised for the next couple of hours and also so that you have a reason to resist licking your lips.


Give Your Skin SPF Protection

No, ma'am! You are not protected from the harmful rays of the sun while in the gym. The huge mirror that your gym most definitely features let in a lot of sunlight in and getting exposed to it while working out might lead to breakouts. Protect your skin with a layer of SPF. And if you are someone who loves to go for a jog in the morning, skipping the SPF can be the worse mistake that you can do for your skin.

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No Make-up On The Face

The age of social media has made us do crazy things, like wearing make-up while working out. We have this constant pressure of looking our best. Unfortunately, the gym is not the place where this can be done. Keep your face make-up free as much as possible. Make-up clogs your pores and invites skin issues. The sweat while working out adds to that and your skin suffers. Wipe any make-up that you have before going to the gym.


Tie Your Hair

Trust us, by keeping your hair away from your face you are helping your skin. Your hair tends to become greasy as you workout. If open, it constantly runs against your skin irritating the skin and often leading to acne and pimples. The best practice when working out is to tie your hair in a ponytail or braid so that they are out of your face.

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Make Sure Your Gym Towel Is Clean

The thing that your skin comes in constant contact with (except your hands maybe) is your gym towel. You use it frequently to wipe the sweat off your face. It is important for the towel to be clean so that it does not transfer any bacteria to your skin and cause breakouts. Get a soft face towel for the gym and make sure it is clean to keep your skin glowing and problem-free.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 19:47 [IST]
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