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Do You Need To Wear Sunscreen While You Are At Home?

Now that we are spending our time indoors, you might give the sunscreen a miss. But how would your skin like that?

It has been about a month that we have been in the lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a stir in the world. From workplaces to schools and colleges, our lives have shifted indoors. For our safety and for the safety of others, we are practising social distancing as a society. During this crucial situation, our lifestyle has seen many changes. From what we eat, how we interact with people and a huge change in our skincare habits.

Most of us develop a skincare routine over the years that we get to know our skin and how it behaves with certain products. And unless you are allergic to sunscreen, it is an indispensable part of your routine. We sun-protect our skin before stepping out. But now that we aren't going anywhere, we might think that we do not need sunscreen and get lazy with our sunscreen. But that would not be such a good decision for your skin.

We might not be stepping out in the sun during the lockdown but that doesn't mean that we don' come in contact with sunlight. Through our windows, while we are sitting on our balcony or when we step out of the house, we expose our skin to the harmful rays of the sun. And if you think that your skin is safe if there is a window between the skin and the sunlight, you are mistaken. The UVA sun rays can easily pass through your window.

Not only that, to relax yourself and to unwind, but you might also go for a jog or a run. That is exposure enough for the sun rays to inflict their damage on your skin. You might be confused and wondering why do you need to be so aggressive about sun protection. Well, studies have shown that exposure to the sun has skin-degenerating effect on the skin. The least exposure to sun rays will give you is redness of the skin and the worst- it will cause hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and skin cancer[1]. All these are reasons enough not to lag on the sun protection no matter the situation.

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In addition to that, you are missing on a major point here- the blue light from the computer, mobiles and other devices that we are constantly exposed to. Blue light has proven to do boost free radical damage to your skin and cause skin ageing in a similar way done by the UVA rays of the sun[2]. A sunscreen infused with iron oxide can help you tackle the damage done by the blue light that comes from various digital devices. In fact, studies show that sunscreen with iron oxide helped reduce the dark patches on the skin of people with melasma[3].

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To conclude, all we can say is yes, you need to wear sunscreen even if you are not spending your time outside thanks to the lockdown. Taking proper care of your skin during this time is essential. It will help you feel fresh and good about yourself.

Story first published: Thursday, April 23, 2020, 18:33 [IST]
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