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Happy Chocolate Day 2021: 5 Must-Buy Chocolate Based Beauty Products And Their Benefits

Today marks the chocolate day and we're sure every woman, whether single or committed, would not want to leave the opportunity to celebrate this day. After all, women and chocolate have an undefined love affair. In fact, they love chocolate more than their boyfriends. Chocolate not only tastes good but it has also a lot of skin benefits. From body wax to face mask, there are a lot of chocolate-based beauty products, which can give you unexpected healthy and glowing skin. So, today, let's make the best use of this day by not just giving a burst of happiness to your taste buds but also by pampering your skin and body with sweet treatments. Take a look at the 5 best chocolate-based beauty products you must invest-in and also know their benefits.


1. Chocolate Wax

Waxing is a part of every girl's monthly routine. It helps us in getting rid of unwanted hair growth if done at every four or five weeks. Many of us already know about different varieties of wax and some might have already tried chocolate wax. Chocolate wax is made from natural ingredients like cocoa, soya bean oil, almond oil, vitamin E, olive oil, and other skin nourishing elements. Here are some of the benefits of chocolate wax.

• Less painful.
• Boosts skin health and glow.
• Lightens the tan.
• Causes no redness and rashes.
• Suits all skin types.
• Leaves your skin soft.
• Moisturises the skin.


2. Chocolate Face Mask

Chocolate face masks gives a moisturised and glowing skin. There are a variety of ready-made chocolate masks available in the market and online but preparing it at home can help you in getting better results. For instance- if you combine melted dark chocolate with honey or yogurt, it will not only give you the benefits of the chocolate, but also of honey and yogurt. Keep the paste on your face for 15 minutes and you will get the below benefits. Take a look.

• Smooth and glowing skin.
• Hydrates the skin and makes it look fresh.
• Protects the skin from UV rays of the sun, pollution, bad weather, etc.
• Helps to get rid of dry skin, rough skin, dark spots, age spots, etc.
• Lightens the complexion.
• Prevents the skin from getting wrinkles.
• Removes the dead skin cells.
• Treats acne.


3. Chocolate Body Scrub

Body scrub do wonders in removing dead skin cells, smoothing, and softening rough and dry skin. It also buffs away impurities and increase blood circulation. You can make a good body scrub just by adding milk and yogurt to the chocolate powder. After your scrub is made, apply it on the wet face and neck. Scrub for 10 minutes and then leave for 5 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water and you will get the below results.

• Cleanses the skin.
• Exfoliates and brightens the skin.
• Protects the skin from sunburn.
• Boosts the moisture content.
• Replaces dead skin cells with smoother and healthier skin cells.


4. Chocolate Lip Scrub

For all the chocolate lovers, what better can it be to feel the chocolate not just through your taste buds but also by applying it on your lips? As now, we already know a lot of skin benefits of chocolate, let us tell you it also does wonders to lips. A chocolate lip scrub or gloss makes the lips smooth, soft and luscious. Here are the benefits.

• Keeps lips soft and damage-free.
• Protects lips from sun damage, dirt, dust, and pollution.
• Keeps lips smooth and moist.
• Removes dead skin cells.
• Heals dry and chapped lips.
• Provides subtle sheen.


5. Chocolate Soap

As fancy and yummilicious it looks, it provides good care to your body as well. Made with dark chocolate and Vitamin E oil, a chocolate soap is a sweet treat for the skin. Apart from being gentle on your skin during winters, it also helps in soothing irritation. Its fragrance is amazing but unfortunately this bar is inedible. Here are the benefits of chocolate soap.

• Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
• Prevents excessive skin dehydration.
• Soothes sunburn.
• Nourishes and moisturises the skin.

Happy Chocolate Day!

Story first published: Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 15:39 [IST]
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