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Are You Making These Mistakes That Make Your Skin Super Dry In Winters?

Winters are wonderful! The cold winds, the subtle sun and the cosy quilts- there are so many things to love about the winter season. Your skin, unfortunately, is not one of them. Dry skin and winter season are quite the duo. With the onset of the winter season, dry skin is a given. Itchy, patchy and peeling skin and cracked lips are common during winters. While the long and soothing hot bath relaxes you, we can do without the harsh effects it comes with.

And there are mistakes that we make that can make our skin worse. There are certain precautions you need to take, certain tweaks you need to do to your summer skincare routine to enjoy a healthy, moisturised and supple skin during this season.

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So, it is important to know what are these mistakes that are making your skin extremely dry in winters. Once you know that, you can easily begin towards nourishing it. Here we go.


Showering With Extremely Hot Water

A hot, relaxing shower in the chilly winter weather sounds great, doesn’t it? But it is not as refreshing for your skin as it is for you. Hot water strips the moisture of the skin and disturbs the pH balance of the skin. This damages the top layer of the skin and makes your skin dry. So, it is better to stick to lukewarm water for your showers.


Not Exfoliating The Lips

Cracked and dry lips are nothing unusual for the winter. We deal with cracked lips by slathering layers and layers of lip balm over it. That is not going to work as efficiently. You need to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead skin cells and for the lip balm to work its magic.


Using A Mild Body Lotion

Body lotions might be an optional thing for you during summers, but they become a necessity in the winter season. And the mild body lotion that worked for you in the summers won’t work as efficiently now. So, use a thicker and heavier formula to keep your skin nourished and moisturised.


Not Moisturising Enough

Moisturisers are our everyday use product. Putting on some as soon as we are out of the shower has become quite a routine (if it still hasn’t, you should immediately do it!). But winters are different from the summers and so is the requirement of your skin. You need to regularly and heavily moisturise your face.

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Skipping The SPF

Exposure to the harmful rays of the sun is one of the major reasons for dry skin. And if you think the sun rays won’t be as harsh as they are in the summers and so you can skip your SPF, you are highly mistaken. Put on some sunscreen every day before stepping out and your skin will thank you for it.


Exposing Your Skin To Heat Blowers

To fight the freezing cold we tend to use heat blowers. Sitting hours in front of the heat blowers, we do not consider the harm it might do the skin. Exposing your skin to the heat blowers for a long time sucks the moisture of your skin and leaves your skin dull and try. So, try to avoid heat blowers as much as you can.


Using Harsh Soaps

Soaps contain chemicals that can be harsh to the skin. Soaps have higher SPF as compared to our skin and using soap on the skin can disturb the pH of the skin and thus damage your skin. Also, the alcohol present in the deodorant and perfumed soap can strip the moisture of the skin leaving it dry. So, use mild and organic soaps that are soft on your skin and perfect to fight winter dryness.


Not Eating Right

Our diet has a major role to play in skin health. Drink plenty of water, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables loaded with the nutrition that your skin and body need and taking care of the skin won’t be as big a task as it seems.

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