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Kareena Kapoor Khan Birthday Special: 8 Beauty Tips From The Bollywood Diva

Beyond cinema, Kareena Kapoor Khan's fashion game and beauty moments have always been an inspiration. With everything she does, the star is an absolute trendsetter. With a filmography like Kareena Kapoor Khan's, it is safe to say that she is one of the most versatile actresses in Bollywood. Similarly, her fashion choices and beauty reflect the same versatility.

As Kareena Kapoor Khan turns 42 on her birthday on September 21, here are some beauty tips you can totally steal for yourself.

Kareena Kapoor Khan's Top 8 Beauty Tips

We can't help but admire this actress' flawless and glowing skin when she posts her no-makeup selfies. In an exclusive with The Times of India, Kareena said, "I constantly tell my team, whenever I take pictures, that please don't Photoshop. Everyone knows the way I am. In fact, on my Instagram, I don't do anything. I am just the way I am," when asked about her take on pictures being edited for beautification.

1. Home-made face packs to the rescue

We all love homemade face packs. Sandalwood, vitamin E oil, and turmeric are her favourite ingredients in a homemade pack. Turmeric brightens and fights acne, sandalwood soothes inflammation, and vitamin E nourishes the skin [1].

2. Almond oil for skin and hair

Kareena gets her beauty secrets from her mom Babita, like adding curd and almond oil to her beauty regime. In an interview with Grazia earlier this year, Kareena said, "I'd take a spoon of each and apply it on my face."

Since ancient times, almond oil has been used for dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Fatty acids in the oil may help dissolve excess oil, and retinoids may reduce acne and improve cell turnover. In addition, it helps reverse sun damage. Curd works as a natural exfoliator, and moisturiser, maintains skin elasticity, tightens pores, and slows down skin ageing [2].

3. Oil concoction for the scalp

Kareena massages her scalp with a mixture of oils - she mixes coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, and castor oil. Oils keep hair hydrated and protect it from damage. Regularly oiling your hair reduces hygral fatigue (damage caused to your hair follicles by repeated swelling and upswelling due to excessive moisture) or swelling and drying. As well as protecting the follicle from surfactants, oils help keep your scalp healthy [3].

4. Leafy veggies to the rescue

She eats a lot of leafy greens in salads or directly with her meals. Greens have tons of vitamin A, which can help reduce acne by slowing down sebum production. Additionally, it helps flush out toxins and strengthens the skin's protective tissues. Vitamin E in leafy greens protects skin cells from free radicals [4].

5. Drink lots of water and coconut water

As a beauty tip, Kareena isn't the first to tell us to drink lots of water. It helps flush out toxins and hydrates your skin. Kareena swears by spring water to keep her skin hydrated while she travels.

Drinking water can do wonders for your skin and your overall health. Unfortunately, many people underestimate its power. Your skin protects you, stores lipids and water, prevents fluid loss and regulates your body temperature. We all want that glowing, healthy skin, so drinking more water is the best way to get it [5].

6. Raw honey > facial products

Instead of using facial products, Kareena massages raw honey on her face. Massage a little glazing honey on the skin to make it soft and smooth since it is antibacterial. In addition to balancing bacteria on your skin, raw honey can be used to treat acne as well. Researchers found that manuka honey is significantly more effective than other popular acne products as an anti-acne treatment. It speeds up the healing process of your skin cells [6].

7. Moisturise always

Bebo can't live without moisturisers. Kareena makes sure she keeps her skin moisturised by washing it twice a day and using her beauty products regularly. It helps prevent wrinkles and acts as a barrier against pollution. In addition, you can reduce the chance of dryness or oiliness by moisturising every day [7].

8. Aaaand...sunscreen

"I wear sun protection whenever I go out and prefer not wearing makeup. Sunscreen is really important and useful in helping to protect skin from sun damage." You should wear sunscreen daily on exposed skin, like your face, ears, and back of your hands.

[image courtesy: Instagram, Vogue]
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