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How To Smell Good All Day, Every Day (With And Without Perfume)

There are some people who always smell good, regardless of their origin. The thing about smelling good is that it is all about finding a scent that you enjoy. For some, smelling good may mean bringing an enchanting perfume into every room they enter. For others, it might mean not having body odour after a long day at a sweaty job.

Did you know that you can actually smell good without using perfume? Even without perfume, smelling good is possible for anyone as long as they take the proper precautions. So if you're looking for a way to enhance your smell and make it easier to leave a trail of good smell wherever you go, scroll down to find out how to smell good anywhere, anytime.

How To Smell Good All Day, Every Day

1. Know your perfume

Choose your perfume carefully. Perfumes react differently on different skin types, so what may smell good on one person might not work on another. That's why you should research what works on your skin, makes you feel good and even boosts your mood.

2. Pay attention to the pulse-points

If you want your fragrance to last longer, you should focus on your pulse points. When you spray on your ankle, behind the knees, wrist, chest, and behind your ears, you will get the most out of your perfume, and the scent will last much longer than if you sprayed on other areas of your body.

3. Maintain clean clothes

Keeping your clothes clean and using good detergent are two basic no-brainers when it comes to smelling fresh. You can also invest in after-wash products that not only soften the fabric but also leave it with a pleasant smell once it's dried.

4. Spray a little - all-over

Don't limit your perfume to your body. Spray a bit on your sheets, lounge chair, garments can add that eruption of newness that stays for extended periods. There are likewise a lot of scented showers explicitly intended for the hair, so it winds up smelling lovely without harming your braids.

5. Eat a good diet

Diet plays a key role in your body. In addition to giving you good skin, a healthy diet can also reduce bad odours. Spices, onions, and garlic increase the taste of food, but the consequence is that they are absorbed through your skin. In addition to changing your natural body odour, it can also affect the smell of a certain perfume when applied to your skin. For this reason, a diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, and clean protein is important.

Here are some more ways you can stay smelling fresh all day:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Shower frequently
  • Spray perfume in the closet/wardrobe
  • Perfume your hairbrush
  • Wait for the fragrance to dry before leaving
  • Lightly spray perfume on the bedsheets and pillow.
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