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8 Common Eye Cream Mistakes That You Should Stop Making

Eye cream is a life-saver for those dealing with under-eye issues. Dark circles, puffiness, bags under the eyes, crow's feet- you name it, an eye cream helps treat all these issues. No wonder that it is one of the most-loved products of skincare enthusiasts. If you are not already obsessing over this product, you need to use it right away!

With that being said, even a pro at using skincare products might make some mistakes when it comes to using an eye cream. These are small mistakes, often overlooked, that can hinder you from getting the full benefit of this wonderful product. And that's not acceptable to us!

So here we are sharing with you all the common eye cream mistakes that you should stop making ASAP.

1. Using Too Much Product

It is a misconception that the more product you use, the more effective it is going to be. For an area as small as your under eyes, the less is more approach works the best. You don't need to attack the under eye area with lots of product. Just a pea-size amount of the product is enough.

Also, eye creams aren't exactly cheap, so using it wisely is the best choice.

2. Applying Eye Cream In The Wrong Order

The order of applying skincare products is really important for them to work as intended. If you mess up the order, you are likely to not get the results you expected. It can even cause damage to the skin. We also understand that as you increase the number of products, the chances of you messing up the order in which they are supposed to be applied increases.

A simple hack to prevent that is to go by the thickness of the skincare product that you are using. Skincare follows the rule of lighter to a thicker consistency. That means, while layering the skincare products, the lighter one goes first with the thicker one on top. So, if your eye cream is heavier than your moisturiser, you need to apply it after the moisturiser and vice versa. In any case, read the instructions on the product to be really sure.

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3. Applying Eye Cream On Dry Skin

Another common mistakes that people do while using an eye cream is to apply it on dry skin. Just like a moisturiser, an eye cream also works best when applied on damp skin. The product gets absorbed easily on damp skin. Applying the product on damp skin also helps to lock in the moisture, nourishing your under-eye area.

4. Not Letting The Eye Cream Get Absorbed Into The Skin

When you layer skincare products on, it is important that you give each product the time to settle into your skin. Even the skincare veterans sometimes make the mistake of rushing in the skincare routine. Don't do that. After you apply the eye cream, give it a couple of minutes to settle into the skin and work its magic.

5. Rubbing The Product Too Hard

The under-eye area is the most sensitive area of your face. And it is supposed to be handled as such. Do get rough with the eye cream application. Dot the product under the eyes and use the ball of your middle finger to blend it in gently.

Besides, being too aggressive with the eye cream application can leave you with fine lines and wrinkles. You don't want that, do you?

6. Applying The Eye Cream Too Close To Your Eyes

Do not apply the eye cream too close to your eyes! Apply the eye cream under your eyes an inch below your lash line and right under your eyebrow. Then use your fingertip to blend it in gently. If you apply the eye cream too close to the eyes, it can get into your eyes and cause irritation.

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7. Choosing The Eye Cream Based On The Price

Eye creams are usually expensive. So, while buying the eye cream, we tend to buy the cheapest one. That's not how you should approach the product. While buying the eye cream, you just need to consider two things- the under-eye problem you are aiming for and your skin type.

8. Waiting Too Long To Use The Eye Cream

We often wait for fine lines to appear before rushing into the store and getting ourselves an eye cream. And by then it is too late! It is almost impossible to reverse skin ageing. But, preventing it is not that difficult. You need to start your under-eye care routine at the right time. Do not wait till you are in your mid-30s to build-up your skincare routine.

You can start to use the eye cream in your mid or late-30s for it to work the best. So, if you aren't using an eye cream already, we highly suggest you start now!

Story first published: Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 18:10 [IST]
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