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The Best Anti-Ageing Beauty Hacks That You Must Try

We all want to preserve our youthful skin for as long as we can. Sagging and wrinkled skin does not appeal to anyone. But as we age, we feel our skin changing in texture and appearance and that worries us. While you can not possibly prevent the process of ageing, you can prevent the premature ageing of your skin.

The most important thing to do is to follow a good skincare routine and indulge in products that are the best suited for your skin type. Eating healthy and nutritious food is a given. While you do all this, there are certain hacks that can make this ride to fight skin ageing easier and smoother. What are these hacks? Let's find out!


1. Follow The CTM Routine Religiously

Taking proper care of your skin is the best thing you can do to slow down the ageing process. If you are not already, start following the CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) process. Use gentle products that suit your skin type for the regime. And give your skin a few minutes between each step for it to absorb each product properly.


2. Don’t Dry Your Skin Completely

There are many times we have heard the advice to dry our skin completely after wash. Before applying any product, we wipe our skin completely dry. This is not needed. You can leave your skin be a little wet when you apply the product. This way you will be using less product and it will be absorbed into your skin in a better way.


3. Look For Retinoids In Your Anti-Ageing Products

Most of the anti-ageing creams are overhyped and make false promises. But retinoid is one ingredient that is proven to have a significant anti-ageing effect. So, whenever you purchase an anti-ageing product, make sure it has retinoids in it.


4. Wear Huge Sunglasses

Sun is one of the major reasons behind premature ageing of the skin. Studies have shown that overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause skin ageing. To tackle that, always wear sunscreen and chunky sunglasses that can hide the majority of your face from sun exposure.


5. The Right Direction To Massage Your Skin Matters

Applying moisturiser, scrubs, face masks and anti-ageing products all require you to massage your face. If done in the wrong direction, massaging the skin can cause fine lines and wrinkles. The right direction to massage your face is the upward circular motion. Do not massage your face in the downward motion.


6. Pay Extra Attention To The Areas That Need It

There are certain areas of the face where signs of skin ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, are more prominent as compared to others. Your under eyes and neck are such area. For these areas, your regular skincare regime won’t work. Extra attention and efforts are needed. Use an enriching eye cream under your eyes and massage your neck with a hydrating body lotion.


7. Don’t Over-Use The Products

If you think using the product is more effective, think again. Using excess product can block your skin pores and cause skin issues including premature ageing of the skin. So, only so much product as necessary.


8. Try Some Home Remedies

Home remedies can work like a charm to give you youthful skin. Topical application of ingredients rich in vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids and alpha hydroxy acids can improve the collagen production in the skin and tackle signs of skin ageing.


9. Say Hello To Citric Acid

Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of citric acid are quite effective in the prevention of premature skin ageing. Additionally, it also improves collagen production in the skin to prevent wrinkle formation.

Story first published: Monday, December 23, 2019, 17:40 [IST]
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