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Athiya Shetty's Self-care Combo: Haircare, Skincare And Wellness Tricks

On social media, we get tons of skin and hair care tips and tricks from Bollywood celebs. So let's check out Athiya Shetty's beauty gyan today.

"When you have clear, happy skin, it changes your outlook towards the day. Skin and hair have that kind of energy," said Athiya in an interview with Vogue.

"Everything I know about beauty is from my mother and my grandmothers. As a child, I remember using many of my nani's lipsticks, with their distinct feminine smell and vintage gold casing, and completely ruining them. I've learnt to keep it simple from them."

Athiya Shettys Self-care Combo

Athiya Shetty's Self-care Combo

1. Drinking water is REALLY important

Water is the one age-old and sure-shot way to keep your skin supple, hydrated and healthy, even though every celebrity waxes eloquent about it. Shetty learned it from her grandmother as a beauty trick. "She's always forcing me to drink a lot of water. I love it because it's natural, and it really hydrates your skin," she shared. Also, she drinks coconut water and water-rich fruit juices, which can help improve your skin and hair health [1].

2. Skincare must-have: sunscreen

Pigmentation, dryness, acne, and fine lines are all signs of sun damage, so sunscreen is essential. "I always wear sunblock before I leave the house. It gives me a glow and makes me feel pretty." Athiya's choice is a light matte "because it's not thick and doesn't look like sunscreen."

3. No strict diets, but regular exercise

Shetty's Instagram says she doesn't like crash diets or intense workouts. Instead, she hikes, does yoga and does home workouts throughout the day. "For me, I eat everything. I feel you only live once, so might as well enjoy all the food that there is. But it's important to eat right. I make it a point to work out if I binge and have that balance," she shared.

Regular exercise keeps your body healthy, but it also promotes healthy hair growth as well as skin health. This is because our blood circulation increases as we exercise, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach our scalps and skin [2].

4. Hair rollers = volume

Rollers are great if you want volume, especially if your hair is thin and fine and you want it to dry in a certain shape and form, which can be used to create curls, waves, or just texture. Rather than back-combing your hair, hairstylists recommend using rollers when the hair is hot and leaving them in while it cools.

Athiya Shettys Self-care Combo

5. DIYs are a favourite

There are a lot of natural face packs in her internet search history. "I like YouTube phrases like 'fresh face', and these recipes come up for face masks. Whether it's pureed tomatoes or yoghurt, I make natural face masks at home. I've been doing that since I was a child."

DIY face packs are great for your skin because they nourish and provide essential nutrients. In addition, depending on the herbal ingredients, help reduce acne, pimples, scars, and marks [3].

Story first published: Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 10:46 [IST]
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