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Anti-Ageing Tips To Look Younger

Taking a look in the mirror first thing in the morning, you notice how much your skin has changed over the years. We want the perfect and flawless skin- without the fine lines and wrinkles- that does not make us look older. We try different products, alter our skincare routine- the whole jazz- to beat skin ageing. But the process of making your skin look younger is as much about taking a few steps back as it is about introducing a whole new array of products to our skin.

After much research, we have come up with a list of 12 best anti-ageing tips that will take a few years off your skin and make you look younger.


Avoid The Sun

Exposure to the harmful rays of the sun causes your skin to age faster. Fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are often caused by sun damage [1]. And in most cases the damage done is irreversible. Protecting your skin from sun exposure is a great way to slow down skin ageing. Apply SPF before stepping out in the sun. And do not forget the area under your eyes. The signs of skin ageing are seen first under and around your eyes.


Make Antioxidants Your Best Friend

Antioxidants fight the free radicals that damage your skin and accelerate the process of skin ageing. The most common and effective natural antioxidants that you will also find in your food are vitamin C and vitamin E. There are two ways to get all the goodness of antioxidants for your skin. Eat food rich in antioxidants aka fruits, green leafy vegetables and fresh juice to replenish your body and your skin. The second way is to apply them topically, in the form of face packs. These antioxidants are especially helpful in battling the signs of skin ageing caused due to photodamage.[2]


Beauty Sleep Is No Joke

We have heard the phrase beauty sleep so many times and made fun of it. You would be surprised to know how accurate that phrase is. Just like your body, your skin also needs the rest that sleeping provides. While you sleep, your skin works. It sheds the dead skin cells and replenishes itself. You might have noticed that after a few days of sleepless nights, your skin shows intrinsic signs of skin ageing. [3] So, to look ageless do not skip your beauty sleep of 6-8 hours a day.


Moisturised Skin Is Healthy Skin

Your skin is the happiest and healthy when it is moisturised well. Moisturising the skin makes it soft and radiant. Moisturising the skin regularly improves the appearance to a significant amount and thus dermatologists are always putting pressure on keeping the skin moisturised. It improves skin barrier function and helps to prevent the loss of moisture from your skin as well.[4] What better way to look ageless ladies!


Know The Skincare Ingredients

Being aware of what you are putting on your skin is important. It helps you to be better equipped to hand the signs of skin ageing and correct any skin care mistakes that you might be doing. Start with the basics. One ingredient that can change your skincare game when it comes to skin ageing is retinol. A type of vitamin A, retinol is an ingredient that you will find in most of the anti-ageing products in the market and works best to prevent your skin from looking older. It strengthens the skin barrier, boosts collagen production and prevents water loss from the skin leaving you with youthful skin [5].

Coming to the ingredients you need to avoid. Avoid any ingredient that is comedogenic. These ingredients block the skin pores and invite trouble.



Applying a layer of moisturiser is not enough. You need to work from inside out. Keep hydrating yourself throughout the day. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. This will flush the toxins out of your system and add a radiant glow to your face.


Say Hello To Serums

Serums are the concentrated dream your skin needs to fight the inevitable process of ageing. Most of us are fascinated by the concept of serums but we hardly give it a try. Serums are a skin-energising product with a concentrated formulation and are usually meant to target a specific skin issue- skin ageing. As you grow older, your skin would need a serum to be added in the skincare routine to maintain its elasticity and youthfulness [6].


Quit Smoking And Drinking

Those who drink and smoke regularly experience an early onset of signs of skin ageing. Don't believe us? Study two women of the same age. One who drinks and smokes and one who doesn't. You will find the one who drinks and smokes looks far aged than the one who doesn't. Smoking and drinking make your skin extremely dry and vulnerable. Continued consumption of these make your face puffy and your skin age [7]. And now you know why you need to quit smoking and drinking to remain ageless.


Face Masks? Oh Yeah!

Your skin is always benefitted from some extra pampering. And face masks are the best kind of pampering for the skin. There are tons of face masks available in the market for different skin issues. To maintain a youthful skin, you want to get a face mask that removes the oil and grime from your face. Once a week, do a face mask day. The best part is you can always whip up a nourishing face mask with the ingredients at your disposal to fight skin ageing.


Stay Calm And Carry On

Stress is a big factor behind your dull appearance. Stress is much like a toxin for your skin. It invokes oxidative damage in your skin and brings about fine lines and wrinkles [8] . The more you stress, the more you age faster. One of the best anti-ageing tips you will ever hear is to calm down. Hold the horses of your mind and take a deep breath.


Change Your Hairstyle

Now we move to a couple of pointers that involves jazzing up our appearance. Sometimes a simple mistake such as a bad hairstyle can make you look older. With the progress of time, our face changes sometimes subtly sometimes drastically. These changes in the face coupled with a hairstyle that already made you loo older is a recipe for disaster. Try a different hairstyle and you would instantly lose a couple of years.


Try Different Make-up Looks

Another mistake that has more to do with your outer appearance is the way you do your make-up. It might be your make-up that is making you look older. If you wear a full face of make-up you instantly add a couple of years to your face. A more natural look will make you look younger and also would be easier to wear. Play with a few make-up looks to know which one suits you the best and the ones that make you look younger. Start with the nude make-up looks first.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 17:00 [IST]
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