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National Doctor's Day 2019: 10 Amazing Beauty & Make-up Tips For Doctors

Flawless skin and stunning make-up are desired by everyone, and that includes a doctor as well. With the hectic life of a doctor, it becomes a little tricky to take care of yourself. And being a doctor doesn't mean that you don't appreciate a good skin and make-up day.

So, today at Boldsky we have compiled a list of tips and precautions that will help enhance your beauty and inspire you to take care of yourself, like you take care of us. These are some simple yet effective tips that you need to use on a regular basis to get that flawless skin and make-up. Check these out!

1. Prepping The Skin Is A Saviour

As a doctor, you might understand how important the basics are. Well, prepping the skin is the basic and necessary step of make-up. Prepping the skin not only saves you time but also gets your skin ready for various looks that you might do. It involves moisturising and exfoliating your skin. While moisturising is an everyday process, exfoliating needs to be done weekly. This will keep your skin soft and you won't have to take time out of your busy schedule to touch up your face again and again.

2. Keep It Simple And Quick

We know that you don't have much time at hand, especially during the morning. So, we suggest that you work out a skincare and make-up routine that doesn't take much of your time and you are able to do it in a short span of 10-15 minutes. While this may take a few hit and trials, once you get the hang of it, it'll be a cake walk.

3. Keep It natural

Apart from keeping the look simple and quick, it should also be natural. Being a doctor it is important that formal and doesn't attract much attention in respect to your look. So we suggest you skip the foundation, spot conceal if you want and put on some mascara, eyeliner, subtle lipstick and some blush and you're good to go.

Also, as you might need to attend patients that could have a varied range of issues, make sure that the products that you're using are of good quality and go through the ingredient list to make sure it is all suitable for your work environment.

4. Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed

In a hectic profession like yours, we understand that you don't get much time to yourself. However, a small thing as grooming your eyebrows can make a ton of difference to your look. So, take out 10 minutes for yourself every week or two and get your eyebrows groomed.

5. Go For The Warm-toned Make-up

Keeping in mind that you would generally work in hospitals and clinics where the lighting would be bright and white, your choice of make-up should be warm-toned. A warm-toned make-up would complement the light settings of your workplace and accentuate your features more.

6. Blotting Paper To The Rescue

In your busy schedule, it must be difficult and inconvenient to keep touching up the make-up. So, to make things easier for you, always keep a stack of blotting paper handy. Just blot out the excess oil and you wouldn't need to do any other touch-up. It is quick and convenient.

7. The Importance Of Exfoliating

The kind of work that you do, there might be various factors that might affect your skin and hence it is necessary to deep clean it every once in a while. Exfoliating the skin helps to do just that. Although, as we said before, exfoliating your skin must be a weekly process. You must never do it frequently.

8. Use Hand Cream To Tackle Dry Hands

Being a doctor, you come across many patients in a day and after each appointment you need to wash your hands or use a sanitizer to keep your hands clean and healthy. While this helps to maintain hygiene and is an important part of your profession, it can make your hands very dry. A simple solution to that would be to use hand cream. A hand cream works effectively to keep your hands moisturised and nourished. So, invest in a good hand cream to pamper your hands and get soft, smooth hands.

9. Beat The Stress With A Relaxing Spa

With a hectic and stressful life schedule, it is important to give yourself some relaxation once in a while. A spa will do that for you. It will not only rejuvenate your hair but also provide you with the much-needed relief. So, at least once in a month, treat yourself to a relaxing spa that takes away your stress and gives you a chance to revitalise.

10. Refrain From Frequently Touching Your Face

Another very simple yet effective tip to remember is to not touch your face frequently throughout the day. This will make your skin more oily and aggravate any skin conditions that you might have. Also, it is very important to note that you might always touch your face with clean hands. So, keep that also in mind before you touch your face and you're sorted.

With that, we come to an end. These very few simple tricks that work like a charm. Keep these in mind and pamper yourself as well as you do others.

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