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Minimize Your Pores With Foundation

By Mamta Khati

Do you have large pores on your face? Does your makeup settle into your pores and make them more prominent?

Well, you may not be able to shrink your large pores but you can definitely hide them or make them look smaller with the help of a foundation. You can make those pores vanish, at least until you have your makeup on.

Large pores commonly occur if you have combination to oily skin. The pores are clogged with oil and therefore make them look larger.

However, like we said earlier, we can help you minimize the size of your pores with a foundation.

Foundation helps to make the pores look less visible and you will be able to wear your makeup with confidence. But before we use the foundation, it is essential to prepare your skin for makeup.

This includes cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing on a daily basis. Then, you can go ahead and apply your foundation. Do keep in mind that you must select the right foundation for your skin and apply it in the right way to make the pores look smaller.


1. Exfoliate:

The most common mistake that we tend to make while choosing a skin care product is we tend to choose a product that's not suitable for our skin type. So, always choose products that are best suited for your skin and are designed specifically to help prime and make the skin smooth.

This way, you will not have any difficulty while applying makeup, as a good base will make your makeup glide and also make your pores look smaller. But, the first step to make your pores look smaller would be before you begin your makeup routine. You'll have to make sure that the dead skin cells and impurities get cleaned on a regular basis.

Exfoliation is the primary step that helps your skin to breathe properly. Exfoliation cleanses your skin and removes dryness, dirt, and unclogs the pores.

If you have big pores, then exfoliation is the key. You can use mechanical exfoliator, such as a cleansing brush or a natural sea sponge to get a clean and clear skin.

If you have oily skin, then use a face mask once in a week, which aims to tighten pores and remove impurities.


2. Clean Your Face:

When your face is dirty, then the pores look more visible because the dirt and grime will accentuate your pores even more. Use a cleanser that thoroughly cleans the skin and removes all impurities from the skin.

Choose a cleanser which contains 0.5 to 2 percent of salicylic acid and then apply it gently on your face. Now, leave the cleanser on your skin for a minute and then wash it off. If your skin is sensitive or peeling, then you can use ingredients like lactic acid and glycolic acid.


3. Apply A Serum Or A Moisturizer:

After you are done with cleaning and exfoliating, it is essential to keep your skin moisturized and smooth. Choose an oil-free and non-comedogenic serum or a moisturizer, as this will help to prevent clogged pores. Serum is best for oily skin and a lightweight moisturizer is good for normal skin.


4. Apply A Primer:

Primers for large pores is actually a boon for the skin. Primer helps to keep the makeup intact, prevents the production of oil and helps to fill up large pores, therefore, providing smooth and soft skin. You can opt for a silicon-based primer, as this will help to quickly reduce the size of the pores and fine lines.

• Apply a small amount of primer with clean fingers and make sure you work the primer into your pores.

• An oil-free, mattifying primer would be the best option, as this will make your pores look small.


5. Opt For A Matte Foundation:

Matte foundation helps to make your pores look smaller, as the light won't reflect and highlight on your pores. Matte foundation prevents the skin from looking shiny and helps to cover the pores. Always go for oil-free and non-comedogenic matte foundation.


6. Press And Buff The Foundation:

Applying foundation with a brush over large pores can cause the makeup to settle in the pores and highlight them. So, in order to avoid that mishap, press and buff the foundation on your skin in a circular motion.

Pressing the foundation onto your pores will help fill in the pores, and buffing it will help to cover the pores. Use an egg-shaped makeup sponge to apply the foundation.

But before you use this sponge, make sure you wet your sponge and wring it out before use. This way, the sponge will not absorb too much of your makeup.


7. Apply Setting Powder:

Setting powder helps to keep the primer and foundation intact, and also minimizes the size of your pores. Setting powder will help to fill in the pores that your primer and foundation might have missed.

It also prevents shiny look on your face. Opt for a loose powder, as this will blend into the skin perfectly. Pressed powder at times can make your face look cakey.


8. Use A Blotting Paper:

Sometimes, even after applying a setting powder, your face might still look shiny and this, in turn, will highlight your pores. So, in order to minimize their appearance, press a blotting paper on your face.

Blotting paper will help to catch excess oil from your skin without wiping off your makeup. Tissue papers can also be used if you do not have a blotting paper. Take a single layer of tissue and gently dab it on the surface of your skin.


9. Use A Setting Spray:

Setting spray will help to lock the makeup in place and prevent it from sliding off your face. If you have applied too much of foundation on your face, then setting spray will help to remove the excess powder from your face.

• Finally, hold the spray out at an arm's length, and spray it on your face.

• Make sure you pick the right setting spray for your skin type.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 1, 2018, 18:45 [IST]
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