Milk And Honey Face Pack For Glowing Skin

By Tanya Ruia

Are you feeling that your skin is losing its glow? Is your confidence going down due to the increasing acne marks and pimples on your face? Are you too lazy to go to the salons and parlours to pamper your skin?

Due to the diet and the routine that we follow in this era of pollution, heat, ineffective eating habits, etc., we face a lot of issues with our skin. The glow of the skin is gone and often pimples and acne take up the place.

Milk And Honey Face Pack

Well, we have the right solution for you to reduce such skin problems. Milk and honey face pack is the remedy for the same.

As we all know, honey is one of the oldest and best remedies for any type of skin problems but it helps best for acne and pimples. It has such strong properties that can repair dry and dull skin. It is a great hydrating element and when combined with milk, it has antibacterial properties that can deep cleanse the skin.

How to Make Milk And Honey Face Pack

Milk is known to be the natural cleanser and moisturiser for the skin. It fights with the radicals affecting the skin, making the skin turn smooth and soft after cleansing it.

Ingredients required to make the face pack :

  • ½-⅓ cup of untoned, unsweetened and unflavoured milk
  • 3-4 tbsp raw and unprocessed organic honey

As we read the benefits of milk and honey for the skin, let's see how we can prepare the face pack.

How To Do

  • In a bowl, fill it with ½ or ⅓ untoned, unsweetened and unflavoured milk
  • Add 3-4 tbsp honey in it and whisk properly. Whisk it nicely for 3-4 min, till it doesn't give a thick paste and mixes well.
  • With the help of a makeup brush or with the help of your index and middle fingers (as comfortable and availability), apply it evenly on the entire face. Give special concentration on the cheek bones and acne-prone areas. Put a not so thin-not so thick layer evenly on your face as well as the neck (throat) part.
  • Keep it like that for 10-15 mins and let it dry.
  • After you feel the dryness of the pack on your face, rub it off slowly with a wet sponge. After that, wash the face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a dry towel.


  • You can add a few drops of fresh rosewater as well for that nice arome and freshness on the face.
  • After washing the face with lukewarm water, do not apply a moisturizer, as the milk will take some time to absorb in the skin and work as the natural moisturizer for your skin.
  • Do not apply any soap or face wash for washing the face. Let the natural ingredients work.
  • You can apply the same face pack on the places where your skin has lost the moisture and glow and needs care like your back, elbows, foot, knee caps, etc.
  • You can also apply some rose water after washing the face, in order to give it a toner effect. Do not use a chemical-based toner for this purpose. Only rose water is preferable.

Benefits of milk and honey face pack/ mask/cleanser

Natural Moisturiser: Yes, milk and honey face pack acts as the natural moisturiser that shows result within 1-2 days of its application. They help give an immense glowing skin when applied for continuous 2-3 days.

Boon For The Cracked Lips And Skin: Be it chapped lips or cracked heels, this mask/pack is the best for winters, as it heals the cracked, chapped and dry skin. Regular application of this pack will heal the skin quickly and easily.

Helps Heal Skin Pigmentation: Milk and honey mask is a great detoxifying agent that can reduce scars and help in reducing skin pigmentation. It removes acne also very effectively. A great component for acne and pimple removal. It also helps in healing cuts and scars. It also removes the chicken pox spots, measles spots, etc.

Anti-ageing Effect: Yes, a hidden benefit of milk and honey is that it helps in anti-ageing. Application of milk and honey on a regular basis can prevent fine lines and wrinkles at an early age. Rather, it helps keep the skin tight and ageing lines and wrinkles at bay.

Perfect For Acne: If acne is a major problem for you and you are not able to find any solution to reduce it, then this is the perfect solution for reducing and removing acne. Raw honey has been known to cure acne, and its efficacy increases when you mix it with milk.

Rather than spending time and money at expensive salons for that artificial cure, use these natural homemade remedies and feel the change in your skin within just 2-3 days. Your skin will feel the freshness definitely.

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