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How To Use Tomato For Oily Skin?

Natural oil or sebum produced by the sebaceous glands lubricates the skin. But excess oil can make the skin look dull and become the reason for pimples and breakouts. This article will give you some natural remedies using tomatoes to treat oily skin.

The astringent property of tomato helps in soothing the skin and prevents any kind of inflammation on the skin. It also helps in removing impurities and toxins from the skin. Tomato also aids in balancing the pH level of the skin.

Here are some simple remedies using tomatoes to control oily skin and breakouts.


Tomato And Sugar Scrub

This scrub will also help you in removing the dead skin cells. Take a medium-sized tomato and blend it to make a smooth paste. Add 1 tbsp of sugar and mix the ingredients well. Apply this scrub on cleansed face and massage it gently with your fingertips for 10 minutes and let it stay. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse it off.


Tomato And Honey

Honey helps in controlling the excess oil production on the skin. Also, the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of honey help in removing acne and pimples. Take a medium-sized tomato and blend it to make a paste. Add one tbsp of raw honey and combine the ingredients well. Apply an even layer of this mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. Continue doing this remedy at least 3-4 times a week for best results.

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Tomato And Lemon Juice

Lemon contains vitamin C helps that helps in shrinking the pores and removing the dead skin cells which ultimately controls the excess production of sebum. Crush a tomato to make a paste. Add 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice and blend the ingredients well. You can apply this on your face and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash it off using normal water. Using this remedy once a week would give you best results.

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Tomato And Vinegar

Along with balancing the pH level of the skin, vinegar helps in controlling the excess oil production. All you need to do is to mix 2 tbsp of fresh tomato juice and 2 tbsp of vinegar. Apply this on your face using a cotton pad/ball and leave it on until it dries out completely. Later wash it off with water. Do this process at least 2-3 times a week.


Tomato And Oats Scrub

Oatmeal works well in removing excess oil. Take 2 medium-sized tomatoes and crush them to take out the juice from it. Add 2 tsp of oatmeal and then mix the ingredients well. Take some and apply it on your face and gently scrub with your fingertips in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. Later rinse it off with normal water.

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