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    Get A Glowing Skin This Season With The Goodness Of Citrus Fruits

    Citrus fruits have always provided us with a lot of nutrition and have contributed towards our health and body in the best possible way. But, did you know citrus fruits can also be equally beneficial for your skin and hair? They are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that keep your skin, hair, and body healthy and glowing.

    Why Should You Use Citrus Fruits For Skin Care

    The list of the benefits that these citrus fruits offer is really long. They are rich in Vitamin C that helps to destroy radicals in your body, this giving you a glowing skin. Citrus fruits promise to keep your skin younger looking by regenerating the collagen production in your skin. The goodness of citrus fruits also help to rejuvenate your skin from within. It also treats damaged and dull skin.

    How To Use Citrus Fruits For Skin Care?

    Besides, citrus fruits also reduce pigmentation that is caused due to constant exposure to harmful UV rays. Over all, they also help in exfoliating your skin, removing dead skin cells, and shrinking pores, paving way for a youthful skin.

    Listed below are some citrus fruits, their benefits for skin, and the way to include it in your skin care routine:


    Not everybody likes the strong taste of this fruit, but the benefits it offers for your skin makes it a premium choice. Apart from being loaded with Vitamin C, grapefruit contains anti-inflammatory properties that treats chapped skin. You can make a grapefruit face mask for soft, glowing skin.


    • 1 grapefruit
    • 1 tbsp curd
    • 1 tbsp honey

    How to do

    • Squash the grapefruit, extract its pulp and keep it aside.
    • Take a bowl and add curd in it
    • Now add the grapefruit pulp to the curd and mix both the ingredients well
    • Add honey to the mixture and mix it well
    • Apply the pack on your face and neck. Avoid your eyes, ears, and mouth while applying the pack
    • Let it rest for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water
    • Repeat this pack twice a week for desired results.


    Rich in fibre, oranges help to flush out toxins from your body, making your skin glow from within. Oranges, when applied topically, give you youthful skin. One thing to note about oranges is that the peel of an orange is better than the fruit itself. You can remove the orange peel, dry it in the sun for 3-4 days and grind it to make orange peel powder at home.

    You can either consume orange juice or use it topically as a face mask or a toner. Below is a quick and easy DIY orange face mask recipe.


    • 1 tbsp orange peel powder
    • A pinch of turmeric
    • 1 tbsp rosewater

    How to do

    • In a bowl, add some orange peel powder 
    • Add turmeric to it and mix both the ingredients well
    • Next, add rosewater and blend it all well
    • Apply it on your face and neck. 
    • Let the pack work for about 20 minutes before you wash it off
    • Repeat this pack thrice a week for better results.

    Sweet Lime

    Popularly known as mosambi, sweet lime is one of the choicest options in fruit juices. It is loaded with antioxidants that help to repair and rejuvenate tired, dull, and damaged skin. It also treats chapped lips. You can make a face pack using sweet lime.


    • ½ sweet lime
    • 2 tbsp honey
    • 1 tsp turmeric

    How to do

    • In a bowl, add some honey and turmeric and mix both the ingredients well
    • Now take the sweet lime and squeeze it to extract juice from it. Mix the juice with the honey and turmeric mixture.
    • Apply the mixture on your face using a facial brush. Let it stay for 15 minutes before you wash it off.
    • Repeat this pack twice a week.


    Do you like drinking a chilled lemonade on a sunny afternoon? Well, it's one of the best ways to quench your thirst and it's refreshing too. But did you know that lemons also give you flawless complexion?

    Lemons also contain antiseptic properties that help to remove bacteria from your skin, thus reducing acne, pimples, dark spots, and blemishes. You can use lemon as a toner or a face pack for youthful and glowing skin.


    • 1 tsp lemon juice
    • 1 tbsp grounded oats
    • 1 tbsp tomato pulp

    How to do

    • In a bowl, add some lemon juice and grounded oats. Mix both the ingredients well
    • Next, add tomato pulp to the mixture and blend everything again until it forms a consistent mixture
    • Apply the pack on your face and neck and wait for 20 minutes until it dries off
    • Wash it off with cold water and pat your face dry
    • Repeat this pack twice a week for desired results.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 12:32 [IST]
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