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Amazing Benefits Of Yogurt For Glowing Skin You Probably Didn't Know

By Riddhi Roy
Yogurt, Dahi, दही | Skin Benefits | दही से पायें दमकती त्वचा | BoldSky

Skincare can be really tricky these days as way too many options for products are available in the markets. What's more, these products could make you breakout or have other such bad reactions on your skin. That is why we suggest that going natural is the best idea.

Natural ingredients are so mild, and hence would not cause any bad reactions even on skin that is extremely sensitive. These ingredients are cost effective and can be easily found in our kitchens and fridges, which suits all of those busy working girls perfectly.

These days, it can be really difficult to find time to take good care of our skin, as we are all so busy. The increasing levels of stress and pollution do not seem to help either. All of these factors lead to skin that is broken out or dull or both.

Don't we all wish our skin could go back to looking young and fresh? Yogurt, or curd is the best ingredient to use for this purpose, as yogurt contains lactic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin to reveal skin that is bright, fresh and younger looking.

A lot of skincare products use lactic acid as an ingredient. But you can get its benefits in the comfort of your home by using yogurt.

Here are some of the face masks you can make using yogurt.

1. Yogurt and Besan Face Pack:

This face pack is best for people with combination or oily skin. The gram flour or besan acts to exfoliate the skin, and this is much better than store bought exfoliators as this is very gentle on the skin and would not be too abrasive.

For this, you will need to add a teaspoon of besan to half a cup of yogurt. This quantity can vary according to the shape and size of your face. Mix these two ingredients together and apply it all over your face. Keep rubbing the mixture on your face in slow, circular motions to get rid of dead skin cells. Once this is done, wash your face with cold water.

2. Yogurt and Lemon face pack:

For this face pack, you will need two tablespoons of yogurt and add about one teaspoon of lemon juice to that. mix the two ingredients together and apply this to your face. This face mask is good for people with normal and oily skin types.

Keep this face mask on for about ten minutes and then wash it off. This can be done once every week. The lemon juice contains citric acid and hence helps brighten the skin and also helps to get rid of pigmentation and scarring left behind by acne.

3.Yogurt and Honey Face Pack

This face pack is perfect for people with very dry, flaky skin. So if your skin is starting to feel painfully dry, go for this face mask. Add two tablespoons of honey to half a cup of yogurt and make a fine paste by mixing the two together.

Apply this to your face and let it sit for twenty minutes. after this, wash your face like you normally would. These two ingredients make for a very moisturising combination. Honey is a natural humectant which helps restore moisture to skin that is very dry. This face mask will add a glow to dry skin.

4. Yogurt and Turmeric Face Pack:

For this, you will need to mix one fourth teaspoon of turmeric into half a cup of yogurt and then mix this together till a paste is formed. Apply this paste all over your face and leave it on for fifteen minutes. wash your face with lukewarm water and a gel face cleanser after this.

Do this once a week to get glowing skin. This mask is suitable for all skin types. The turmeric acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient that helps the skin get rid of all impurities and keeps the skin clear with regular use.

5. Yogurt and Potato Face Pack

This is another face pack that is suitable for all skin types. For this, you will need one teaspoon of yogurt, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of potato pulp.

Mix all these ingredients well together. Apply this all over your face and wash it off after ten minutes. this face pack is amazing for people who have dark spots left from blemishes. The potato helps remove signs of spots and hyperpigmentation. You can use this face mask up to twice a week for best results.

6. Yogurt and Cucumber Face Pack

This face pack is suitable for all skin types but is best suited for people who have irritated skin, as this is a very cooling and hydrating face mask. The cucumber helps to soothe irritated skin and even acts as an astringent. Just combine two tablespoons of yogurt with one teaspoon of grated cucumber. Apply this all over your face and then wait for ten minutes, then wash it off with cold water.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 22, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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