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How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Healthy?

Natural Vaginal Washes | नेचुरल चीज़ों से साफ़ रखें वेजाइना | Boldsky

Like any other part of our body, it is important to keep our vaginal areas clean and healthy and away from infections. Infections in the vaginal area should be taken seriously, as this may lead to further health issues.

There are several reasons that cause irritation and infection in the vaginal area. These may be due to menstruation, antibiotics, sanitary pads and also due to too much of sugar intake in your diet. Also, it can occur due to change in climate.

Whatever be the reason, it surely needs some remedies. Since the skin around the vaginal area is sensitive in nature, it is recommended to use homemade remedies for this, rather than going for any ready-made products.

Here are the Effective Homemade Vaginal Washes

So, here we present some effective homemade vaginal washes that you can try easily at home.


Yogurt works effectively in keeping the vagina clean and bacteria free. It helps in treating any kind of infections. All you need to do is take some fresh unflavoured yogurt and apply it directly on the vagina and leave it on for an hour. After 1 hour, wash it off using normal water. This can be used not only as a vaginal wash but it can also help in getting rid of the vaginal odour.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is known for its soothing and hydrating effects on the skin. If you have a dry skin around your vaginal area, using aloe vera would give you great results. Take a fresh aloe vera leaf. Cut open this and scoop out the gel from it. Dilute the gel in ½ a cup of water.

Wash your vaginal area gently with this solution and lastly, wash it off in lukewarm water. Make sure that you use fresh aloe vera gel rather than the ready-made aloe vera gel. This is because, the skin around the vaginal area is quite sensitive.

White Vinegar

White vinegar can be used to get rid of vaginal odour as well as keep your skin clean and fresh. It is non-toxic in nature that will prevent your skin from any kind of rashes or breakouts. Take one tbsp of white vinegar and dilute it with 1 cup of water. Pour this on and around your vaginal area and rinse it off with normal water after that. You can repeat this once in a week.

Lemon Leaves

Lemon leaves are antibiotic and anti-allergic in nature. Along with helping in getting rid of vaginal odour, it also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin around the vaginal area. All you need for this remedy is some lemon leaves. Boil some lemon leaves in a cup of water. Allow the solution to come down to the room temperature. Wash your vagina with this solution.

Baking Soda

Baking soda also helps in balancing the pH level of the skin around the vagina. Add ½ a cup of baking soda into a bucket full of your bath water. Mix it well. Take a bath with this water. Make sure that you do not add too much of baking soda, as it may cause irritation or burning sensation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The other natural vaginal wash you can use is apple cider vinegar. All you have to do is add a few drops of this vinegar to your bath tub. Soak yourself in the tub for 15 minutes and let the vinegar do its job in cleansing your vagina. Apple cider vinegar also helps to restore the acidic quality of the vaginal flora.

Tea Tree Oil

A natural genital wash can be prepared with the help of tea tree oil. First, dip a tampon in some olive oil. After that, dip it in some tea tree oil and insert it into your vagina. Leave it there for at least one hour to help keep your girly parts clean.


The Indian gooseberry is also another natural vaginal wash you can use. Prepare this homemade wash using the juice of a gooseberry mixed with a lot of water.

Chamomile Oil

Using chamomile oil is another remedy to get rid of the vaginal odour. One drop of this oil is added to two cups of water. The water is then used to wash your sensitive area.

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