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    5 Signs That Clearly Show You Have Sensitive Skin

    Skin care is very important. And, if you experience skin irritation whenever you try a new beauty product, you probably have sensitive skin. But, wait! There's nothing to worry about. And, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having sensitive skin. It's just that you need to be very careful and picky while choosing skin care products as not all products available in the market are suitable for sensitive skin type.

    Maintaining our skin these days is quite a difficult task with constant exposure to dust, dirt, and pollution. And, if you have sensitive skin, you ought to be really careful while dealing with these external factors that affect our skin.

    How To Know If You Have Sensitive Skin?

    Speaking of sensitive skin, most people often have a doubt as to what exactly qualifies as sensitive skin. To answer that, the following are 5 signs that clearly show you have sensitive skin. So, if you too can relate to these signs, it's time you re-work on your skin care plan and give your skin the needed care.


    Stings Or Burns

    Whatever beauty products you use - be it a moisturiser, sunscreen, or a foundation, your skin tends to react to it in its own way, and sometimes, it won't be a positive sign. Using some beauty products that contain excess chemicals can result in stings or burns, which are a clear sign of sensitive skin. This is very common with products like gels or creams, especially the ones containing alcohol.


    Frequent Rashes Or Bumps

    Have you ever woken up to find those annoying little bumps on your face? If you spot those tiny red bumps frequently, you might have sensitive skin. But why does this happen? Maybe because you fail to wash off your face properly with some cream or gel still remains. If you are using a new cream or a gel, it is always safe to test it on your forearm first and wait for a day or two to check if it results into any kind of rashes or bumps and then apply it on your face.


    Redness Of Skin

    This is a very common sign of sensitive skin. Even if your skin is slightly sensitive or experiencing any kind of inconvenience, it might result in red rashes or red bumps. Those who experience redness of the skin are advised to always go for all-natural or herbal skin care products that contain very less or no chemicals at all.


    Itchy Skin

    Itchy skin can sometimes be an indication that you have sensitive skin. This can happen when you keep on using products that are harsh for your skin. Excessive and prolonged use of chemical-based products can often lead to itchy skin, skin irritation, and sometimes it can also lead to skin infections.

    The only thing one needs to remember while dealing with itchy skin is that you should not scratch itchy skin as it will only aggravate your problem.



    One of the most clear-cut signs that show your skin is sensitive are breakouts. What usually happens is that when your skin lacks moisture, it tends to produce excess oil to compensate for it. This sometimes results in clogged pores which in turn results in acne or pimple breakouts on your skin. At such times, people generally go for a face wash or a cream suitable for acne-prone skin. But what they often fail to understand is that it can sometimes worsen the situation rather than solving it. The best thing you can do for acne-prone sensitive skin is to keep washing it with clear water and give it time to heal naturally.

    One thing people with sensitive skin should always remember is that you skin needs its own time to heal and show effects. The less products you use for sensitive skin, the more it will stay healthy. So, if you too have sensitive skin, go low on using products, be gentle with your skin, and stay beautiful!

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