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    Ever Tried Neem Face Pack For Dark Spots?

    By Amruta

    Dark spots, blemishes, pimples, acne - all these skin ailments are often the most talked about among women. Everybody these days is complaining about how damaged their skin is and how they are often struggling with skin problems. Well, we can completely understand.

    Every woman in some or the other phase of her life faces these skin problems - but kudos to them who overcome it in the right way. By right way - what I mean here is - getting rid of these skin problems easily and effectively and that too without the help of store-bought creams or medicines.

    Neem pack

    Wondering what trick would work here? Well, the trick lies in our Indian history of herbs and plants. And, one such great beauty product is neem leaves. Neem leaves are the best for your skin, as they effectively help you to get rid of a number of skin problems. You can eat neem leaves, drink neem juice or even make a face pack out of neem leaves and apply it on your face, on a regular basis. All these things help you in some or the other way, making your skin beautiful from within and outside.

    What's more interesting is that you can easily make a neem-based face pack at the comfort of your home without having to go to a store. Homemade face masks are one of the best options to choose from, as you get all the ingredients handy in your kitchen shelves. All you need to do is pick up the right kind of ingredients, follow the recipe, apply the mask, and see the results for yourself.

    And, you need no explanation of what wonders could neem do for your skin and body. So, without wasting any further time, let's begin with a simple yet very effective home remedy for treating dark spots, pimples, and acne.

    Ingredients For Making The Neem Face Pack

    7-8 neem leaves or neem paste
    2 tablespoons of yogurt

    How To Do:

    If you have neem leaves, wash them and put them in the mixer and grind them to make a fine paste. Do not add any water to it. Just grind the leaves to make a paste.
    Take a small bowl and add the neem paste to it.
    Now, add yogurt to the paste and blend it well.
    Let the mixture rest for a few minutes.
    Apply it on your face evenly. Try applying the pack on your face in a circular motion.
    You can also apply the pack on your neck, so that the skin tone of your face and neck match.
    Let the pack dry for about 15 minutes.
    Wash it off with cold water and pat your face dry with a towel.

    Tip: Do not use a face wash or a soap for washing your face after applying any face pack, as it will reduce its effect and natural glow. Just washing your face with water will do.

    Disclaimer: Before applying any face pack, try applying a little amount of it on your forearm and follow the procedure. Wait for 24 hours to see if it causes any kind of a reaction on your skin and then apply it on your face. Those with sensitive skin should definitely try this face pack on their forearm before trying it on their face.

    Now that you know the exact recipe of this amazing face mask, you must be wondering what all benefits each of these ingredients offer, apart from the basic ones we all already know.

    Benefits of Neem

    Neem can be your one-stop solution for most skin problems. It works as an anti-ageing agent and reduces the signs of ageing to a great extent.
    It reduces dryness and helps you get rid of pimples, acne, and wrinkles.
    The lecithin present in neem prevents acne.
    Neem also has anti-fungal and non-inflammatory properties.
    It is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids.
    It makes you look younger due to the presence of collagen.

    Benefits of Yogurt

    Yogurt helps to make your face clear and get rid of dark spots, pimples, and acne.
    It reduces the blemishes on your skin.
    It gives you an even skin tone.
    It has the capacity to soothe your skin and minimize rashes.

    Well, well, well, what are you waiting for? Try this amazing face pack today and get a glow that you've always wished for.

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    Story first published: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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