DIY Rose Water And Almond Oil Scrub For Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips are common during winters. Just like how we keep the skin of our body moisturised, it is important to keep the lips also hydrated. Cracked lips are not only unsightly but also can turn out to be painful and can bleed if not taken proper care of.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your lips by exfoliating it. Exfoliation helps the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and restore new skin cells. This will ultimately remove the dry skin and make your lips look pink and hydrated. Of course, applying all those lip balms and scrubs in the market would do the job. But here we are presenting a natural option - a DIY lip scrub made of rosewater and almond oil.

Rose Water & Almond Oil Scrub For Lips

Let us see how to prepare this easy DIY lip scrub and how to use it.

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DIY Rose Water And Almond Oil Scrub For Chapped Lips


  • ¼ tsp rose water
  • ½ tsp white sugar
  • ¼ cup almond oil

How to use

  • Take a clean bowl.
  • Add fresh rose water and granulated white sugar into it. With the help of a spoon, mix the ingredients well.
  • Now the next step is to slowly add the almond oil into the rosewater and sugar mixture. Make sure that the consistency of this mixture is scrub-like.
  • Take some scrub in your fingertips and start applying it on your lips. Gently scrub the mixture on your lips in a circular motion for 2-5 minutes.
  • Leave the scrub on for 10-15 minutes until you wash it off using normal water.
  • If you want you can leave the mixture on your lips overnight and wash it the next morning.
  • You can use this remedy twice a week for soft and plump lips.

Benefits Of Rosewater

Rosewater is an ingredient that helps in treating all the common skin care issues. In the same way, rosewater can help you in treating chapped lips too. The anti-inflammatory properties of rosewater help in treating dry lips and soothes the skin on the lips. Also, it hydrates the lips leaving it moisturised throughout.

Benefits Of Almond Oil

Almond oil rejuvenates the skin and thus helps in removing the dead skin cells from the lips that make them dry and dull. If you have dark lips, almond oil helps in making it light and pink. It is recommended to apply few drops of almond oil on your lips and massage it every day before going to bed, for lustrous lips.

Benefits Of Sugar

Being a natural humectant, sugar has the ability to hydrate the skin and retain its moisture. It is also considered as the best natural exfoliator that will easily help in removing the dead skin cells thus making the skin on your lips look much healthier and soft.

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