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4 Beauty Treatments Brides-to-be Should Avoid Before Wedding!

By Amruta

Are you getting married? Well, there must be a lot going on in your mind - the wedding, its preparations, and of course, beauty treatments. Being a bride can really be a stressful job. There are many things to plan and so much to remember - especially the never-ending salon and spa visits. But wait! Did you know these four beauty treatments can actually be not good for you especially during your wedding week?

Well, not all beauty treatments are bad. In fact, they help a lot, especially when you do not have time to go for home-based treatments and remedies.

So, what are these treatments exactly? And, what do we mean by 'not good'? Read on to find out more about beauty treatments and their effects on your skin. And, as a bride-to-be, you would definitely not want any kind of scars or rashes on your skin, would you?


Everybody - bride or not - wants their skin to be smooth and soft all the time and, of course, hair free. But why is it a concern for brides-to-be, especially if they have to go for it a week prior to their wedding? Now that's a real question! Well, the main reason behind this is that waxing can sometimes leave you with rashes or patches that might not be a good thing for brides-to-be. It is therefore advisable that if you are a bride-to-be, ensure that your waxing appointment is scheduled at least 10 days in advance of your big day.


Similar to waxing, threading is something that can't and shouldn't be done days before the wedding or other important functions. The reason behind this is that you might just end up with cuts on your upper lips or around eyebrows which might take some time to heal.

Also, another problem that happens with most women is that they develop tiny bumps or pimples after threading which serves to be another reason why you should not go for threading days before the wedding.

A simple thing to do would be to plan all your beauty appointments well in advance so you do not have to worry about minor problems like cuts or rashes.


Facial peels are the most commonly used beauty treatments, especially for brides-to-be. They are the most recommended by stylists and are considered to be part of the bridal beauty package. The main benefit of peels is that they help your face to look de-stressed and make it look hydrated and lively. Now you would ask, that's a good thing, so where is the problem?

The problem here is that these last-minute chemical-based peels can have certain side-effects on your skin, and it totally depends on person-to-person. Although these peels promise to have a de-stressing effect, they might not be a good solution. Instead, brides-to-be can go for a more promising home remedy that could give them better results - for example - the all-time favourite turmeric-curd-gram flour face mask.


This is something some of you might agree with instantly! So many women today go for these fillers before their big day. But is it really good? Does it really work? Most women avoid these questions as their main aim is to look presentable and good on their big day. But, did you know these botox and filler treatments can be the cause of forehead wrinkles and fine lines? The reason behind this is that Botox blocks nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract and, therefore, cause forehead wrinkles.

So if you are a bride-to-be, prepare for your wedding well in advance. Go for all-natural beauty treatments and they will definitely give you the results you have been looking for. Also, they will ensure that your face and body stay away from any kind of side-effects and that you always look your best!

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Story first published: Thursday, September 6, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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