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    6 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work!

    Do you like using home remedies for skin care and make-up more than using beauty products? Well, if you do, you might exactly know what we are talking about! There are so many home remedies to choose from that sometimes we wonder what would we do if these home hacks wouldn't have existed. It is so impossible for us to live without these beauty home hacks.

    Home remedies are preferred more as they are free from any kind of chemicals and are completely cost-effective. Also, when it comes to home hacks, they do not have any side effects on your skin & body.

    Speaking of which you might have heard about common beauty hacks like using coconut oil as a make-up remover, baking soda for oily hair, honey for pimples, turmeric and curd for glowing skin, and so on...

    But there are some hacks that you might have not heard of. Listed below are six such hacks that you can use.

    6 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work!

    Using Coconut Oil As A Shaving Balm

    Coconut oil has so many uses that make it a premium choice of many. From skin care to make-up, it is a widely used ingredient. If you have ever come across ingrown hair, razor burns, or bumps while shaving, you must try using coconut oil. It works as a natural shaving balm and helps you to shave smoothly, thus preventing burns or irritation.


    Ever Used Petroleum Jelly As A Highlighter?

    Like the no make-up look? Well, we all do! And, for that, you might just think that you need to skip the foundation or the primer or may be the highlighter. But wait! What if you don't need to skip the highlighter? Next time when you apply make-up, try using petroleum jelly as a highlighter to get the perfect no make-up look. Just take a pinch of petroleum jelly on your fingers and dab it on your cheekbones, forehead, and the edge of your nose. You can also use it as a lip balm if you wish to go for nude lips.


    Does Yoghurt Really Treat Sunburn?

    You can easily find this quick fix in your fridge. In case you suffer from sunburn or suntan, yoghurt can be your one-stop solution. How? Yoghurt is basically packed with probiotics that help to restore your skin's natural barrier. All you need to do is apply a generous amount of yoghurt on the affected area and leave it on for some time, then rise it off with cold water - and you are sorted! Yoghurt will do its work and give you amazing coolness and also treat sunburn.


    Using Cucumber For Dark Circles

    Dark circles can be really annoying. But what is more annoying is that sometimes you do not know what to do about it. Dark circles may be typically caused due to lack of sleep or stress. But, wait! There's a cure for everything - even dark circles. Have you ever tried using cucumber for dark circles? They can be cured instantly by merely placing slices of cucumber below your eyes. Try it and see the amazing difference.


    Have You Heard Of Using Witch Hazel For Puffy Eyes?

    Getting older is in itself a good thing - but only if one knows how to embrace the signs of ageing in a positive way. But what happens when you get puffy eyes? It is definitely not a perk of getting older, isn't it? Well, if you too face the puffy eyes problem, do try using Witch Hazel. It is a natural astringent that is known for reducing swelling of the eyes as well as providing relaxation to tired eyes. Just soak a cotton ball in Witch Hazel and place it over your eyes for a few minutes and remove it later and see the striking difference.


    Distressed Skin? Try Using Parsley Ice Cubes

    Have you ever used parsley ice cubes for distressed skin? Well, if you haven't, it's time you try this amazing trick for tired face and skin. Just sprinkle some parsley on an empty tray of ice cubes, fill it with water and deep freeze it. Once it's frozen, remove it and gently massage your face with it. This will freshen up your face, tighten your pores, and soothe your skin, making it relaxed and refreshed. Also, by using parsley, you are helping your skin to eliminate excess fluid build-up as it is diuretic in nature.

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