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    10 Fabulous Beauty Benefits Of Radish You Probably Didn't Know!

    Not everybody likes radishes. They are not a favourite among most people for reasons best known to them. But those who know the benefits that radishes offer, they are welcomed. But did you know that radishes are not only good for health, but they also have a number of hair and skin care benefits to offer?

    Wondering what exactly is radish known for in the beauty world? Well, a lot of things actually. Like it is rich in vitamins that help in curing a number of skin conditions. Radish is also rich in antioxidants and possesses antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It also helps in detoxifying your body. And that's not all! Apart from these, radish also contains a lot of other qualities and benefits, some of which are listed below:

    Beauty Benefits Of Radish

    10 Fabulous Beauty Benefits Of Radish

    1. Hydrates skin

    Radish helps to hydrate your skin as they have a high water content. Moreover, radishes also help in preventing dry and flaky skin by keeping your body hydrated all the time. You can consume radish juice on a daily basis to keep yourself hydrated.

    2. Helps prevent skin disorder

    As mentioned earlier, radishes possess antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. They also contain Vitamin C which makes them effective in treating a number of skin conditions like acne and pimples. Applying freshly extracted radish juice to the affected area every day will definitely help.

    3. Gives you clear skin

    Radish gives you clear skin. How? It is high in fibre content which helps to remove all toxins from your skin and body, thus giving you a clear skin. After all, who does not want clear, flawless skin? And how will you get that? Simple, consume a glass of radish juice regularly or include it in your diet.

    4. Works as a natural cleanser

    Radish has natural cleansing properties - meaning you can use raw radish directly on your skin. While you can consume it, drink radish juice, or apply it as a face pack mixed with other essential ingredients, radish can also be simply applied on your skin - raw - the way it is. Apply grated radish on your skin to get the most of its benefits.

    5. Gives you glowing skin

    Of course, it does! You can simply make a radish-based face mask at home and blend it perfectly with honey, fresh yoghurt, and a few drops of bergamot oil to get soft, glowing skin instantly. Would you like to try it out at home sometime this coming weekend?

    6. Treats freckles and blemishes

    Radish is also known to treat freckles as well as blemishes. You can simply apply freshly extracted radish juice on the affected area for a couple of minutes on an everyday basis and see the amazing results for yourself. Well, trust us - it is worth a try.

    7. Fights hair fall

    Apart from the numerous skin benefits it offers, radish is also known to treat a number of hair problems - one of them being hair fall. Hair fall is a common problem many people suffer from - be it for various reasons. But, radish can treat them all.

    In fact, you might not know this, but the juice extracted from black radish stimulates hair growth when applied topically. How? It basically works on the roots of your hair by strengthening it, thus promoting hair growth.

    8. Gives you shiny and soft hair

    Constant usage of radish for hair is proven to be effective, thus resulting in shiny and soft hair. Radish juice is said to impart shine to your hair. Also, iron, which is found in abundance in radish, helps to maintain healthy hair, in turn promoting softness. You can apply radish juice to your hair and leave it on for an hour or so, and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

    9. Treats dandruff

    Radish helps to eliminate dandruff completely. You can simply do this by rubbing radish juice on your scalp and hair and wash it off after an hour.

    10. Strengthens roots and nourishes the scalp

    You already know that radish contains high water content, right? It keeps your body hydrated and thus helps in strengthening the roots of your hair and also nourishes your scalp. It also helps to improve the overall texture and health of your hair. Consumption of radish or its juice has always proven to be beneficial for all your health, skin & hair concerns. All you need to do is include it in your daily diet and witness the amazing benefits for yourself!

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    Story first published: Monday, September 24, 2018, 18:15 [IST]
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