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    3 Effective Homemade Peel-off Masks For Flawless Skin

    Peel-off masks might seem to be a little costly when it comes to ready-made masks. But here we'll be giving you alternatives for ready-made peel off masks that is not only natural but also cost-effective.

    Peel-off masks are generally used for detoxifying and brightening the skin. It helps in clearing out the impurities and rejuvenates the skin. It also helps in unclogging the pores and tightening the skin and thus prevents the skin from early signs of ageing.

    homemade peel off masks

    Now let us see how we can make natural peel off masks at home easily.

    Egg White Peel-off Mask

    Egg white, along with moisturising the skin, helps in shrinking the pores and firming the skin. If you have those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads too then this is the right mask for you.

    How To Do

    1. Separate 1 egg white form an egg and whisk it thoroughly until white foam forms.
    2. Apply 1-2 coat of this egg white foam all over your face with a help of a brush.
    3. Cover it with a layer of tissues.
    4. Again apply a coat of egg white and repeat the process of covering with a tissue.
    5. Finish it up with a layer of egg white.
    6. Wait until the mask dries.
    7. Later gently peel off the tissues and rinse your face with lukewarm water.

    Orange Peel-off Mask

    Orange helps in rejuvenating the skin with antioxidant properties. Also, it will protect your skin from early signs of ageing.

    How To Do

    1. Take some fresh oranges and squeeze in order to take the juice out of it.
    2. Add 4 tbsp of fresh orange juice to 2 tbsp of unflavoured gelatin powder.
    3. Double boil this mixture until the gelatin powder dissolves.
    4. Allow the mixture to cool down.
    5. Apply an even layer of this mask on your face and leave it on until it dries.
    6. Later peel it off gently and wash it off in lukewarm water.

    Milk And Gelatin Peel-off Mask

    The combination of milk and gelatin helps in fighting wrinkles and tightens the skin.

    How To Do

    1. All you have to do is mix together 1 tbsp unflavoured gelatin and 1½ tbsp of milk.
    2. Heat this mixture by double boiling it until the gelatin dissolves.
    3. Wait until the mixture cools and comes down to the room temperature.
    4. Apply this on your face and leave it on until it dries.
    5. Later rinse it off with normal water.

    Tips On How To Use Peel-Off Mask

    1. Before applying the mask, first clean your face thoroughly.
    2. Steaming is required as this will help in opening the pores.
    3. Always apply the peel off mask using a cosmetic brush with soft bristles.
    4. When you peel off the mask always do it in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
    5. Next, always rinse your face first with lukewarm water and later with cold water. This will help in shrinking the pores.
    6. After you've cleaned your face do not forget to pat dry and moisturise your face.
    7. Peel-off masks are not meant to be used daily. Therefore use it once or twice every week.
    8. After applying the mask do not talk or move your head. This might cause wrinkles on your skin.

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