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Homemade Cosmetics That You Can Prepare Using Vitamin E As The Main Ingredient

You must be aware that your body needs vitamins, but do you know that your skin needs vitamins as well? Well, at every stage of good skin care the boon of vitamin E has been extended.

Whether you are in your early 20s trying to get glowing skin or in your mid 40s, battling with ageing skin - vitamin E can treat various kinds of skincare problems and be the key to a healthy skin.

Yet a common concern is how to use vitamin E?

The first way of adding vitamin E to your skin and body care is consuming vitamin E-rich foods. Coming to the direct application of vitamin E on the skin, you have to get the tablets from a pharmacy.

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Then, to the vitamin E tablets, you have to add another set of particular ingredients to prepare different kinds of homemade cosmetics that can be applied on different parts of your body depending on the purpose and skin problem.

From a skin scrubber to a face mask and so on, you can now prepare the vitamin E-based cosmetics right at home using the following recipes and methods:


Vitamin E Skin Pigmentation Healer With Aloe Vera Gel

Very simple to prepare with only two ingredients, apply this on your skin pigmentations or tanned skin. Constant use will diminish your problem and bring back your normal skin colour.

Recipe -
1 tablespoon of fresh aloe vera gel
1 vitamin E capsule

  • Take a leaf of aloe vera plant, slit it in between and collect only the fresh gel. (Please note, use of cosmetic aloe vera gel might not give results.)
  • To the fresh aloe vera gel, break the vitamin E capsule and pour only the fluid in it.
  • Mix the aloe vera gel and vitamin E fluid together and your skin pigmentation healer is ready.

Daily Use Vitamin E-Based Face Pack

Despite all our busy schedules, we all know the relaxation and rejuvenation a good face pack can offer. So, how about adding vitamin E to your face pack recipe also?

Recipe -
2 tablespoons of flour
2 tablespoons of hung curd
2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder
2 tablespoons of fresh aloe vera gel
1 small bowl
1 vitamin E capsule

  • In the bowl, first, add the flour and sandalwood powder and mix.
  • Add aloe vera gel and hung curd to the powder and mix.
  • Last, poke the vitamin E capsule with a pin and pour the fluid in the face pack.
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to make your final vitamin E-based face pack.

Vitamin E Skin Scrubber With Coffee

There many recipes of home made scrubbers. Adding to your variety of homemade scrubbers, here is one that you can prepare with one extra ingredient, that is coffee.

Recipe -
2 teaspoons of coffee (little coarse one)
1 vitamin E capsule
1 small bowl

  • In the bowl, first put the coffee.
  • Cut the vitamin E capsule and pour the fluid in the coffee.
  • Mix the coffee and the vitamin E fluid to make your homemade healthy scrubber. That's an ideal rescue for blackhead and whitehead problems.

Vitamin E-Based Homemade Lip Balm

Vitamin E extends its benefits to lips as well and you can prepare a vitamin E-based homemade lip balm at home using only two easily available ingredients.

Recipe -
1 tablespoon of glycerin
1 tablespoon of vitamin E fluid (cut vitamin E capsules and collect its fluid)

  • Simplest to prepare, you have to mix glycerin and vitamin E in equal proportions to make your own lip balm.
  • This lip balm can be stored in the fridge for future use.

Vitamin E-Based Body Oil

You can also prepare body oil using vitamin E and some other ingredients right at home. For this oil preparation, using the right quantity of each ingredient is very important.

1/2 small cup of chamomile tea
1 teaspoon of glycerin
1 teaspoon of castor oil
1 teaspoon of camphor oil
1 teaspoon of vitamin E fluid (cut vitamin E capsules and collect its fluid)
1 small bowl

Recipe -

  • In the small bowl, pour cold chamomile tea liquor and glycerin and stir.
  • Add camphor oil, castor oil and vitamin E fluid to the mix.
  • Combine all the ingredients together and your body cream is ready.