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Travel Beauty Tips As Shared By In-Flight Attendants

Regular beauty routines go completely haphazard while travelling. Either you miss to carry your hand cream or your favourite lipstick and, thus, it spoils your entire trip.

This entire travel makeup mess can be well managed if you know of the right way of makeup and skin care while en-route.


In fact to help you about the same, we at Boldsky have listed out this travel makeup and skin care guide, as confirmed by a few in-flight attendants who are constantly on the go.

Who better than in-flight attendants to share makeup and beauty tips, right? Constantly on duty, in fact on air yet they maintain the best of appearance always.

Thus, here is a set of makeup and skin care beauty tips as suggested by in-flight attendants that you can make a note of and follow when travelling the next time.


Carry Travel Size Products

One of the major reasons on why women miss packing half of their makeup and skin care products is their size. Such big bottles and fancy packagings cannot be arranged in the luggage. The remedy is carring travel-sized beauty products. Travel-sized beauty products are easy to carry, smaller in size and you can carry a variety. All posh brands have these, which you must buy before going on board.


Stop Sharing Makeup While Travelling

A common mistake that women make during travelling is sharing their beauty products. For example, sharing your lipstick with your friend or seeking some hand lotion from your co-passenger.

Cosmetics are the sole reasons on how the bacteria and germs can be transmitted from one another. Therefore, one should not share makeup or skin care products while travelling. If you have missed on any of the product, try buying a fresh pack for yourself.


Must Carry Travel Beauty List

Some of the beauty products that you just cannot miss out on carrying while travelling are listed here, based on the suggestions of the in-flight attendants:

  • Lotion and moisturizer
  • Eye cream
  • Wet wipes and tissues
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Perfumes
  • Eyeliner, mascara and kohl
  • Foundation, primer and powder
  • Lip colours

Prepare A Night Before

Well, your travel makeup plan and care should start a night before. First, you should pack your makeup kit, keeping ample time in hand a night before, so that you don't miss out on anything. Next, on the night before, try applying some extra moisturizer on your skin. This keeps the skin hydrated for long. So, even if you miss out on moisturizing amidst your trip, there is not much difference.


Keep Your Hair Happy

Now, in all your attempt to maintain a healthy beauty routine, do not miss out on your hair while travelling. Women accept that while travelling their hair becomes a mess, yet this can be very much avoided with the following steps:

1. Try keeping your hair tied.

2. Carry hair essentials like clips, clutches, scrunchies, hair oil, etc.

3. Instead of the usual shampoo, carrying a dry shampoo is a must while travelling.

4. Do not skip out on the hair wash while travelling.


Easy Beauty Alternatives While Travelling

Most interestingly, the in-flight attendants shared some healthy beauty hacks that you can follow during your travel plans, which are as follows:

a) Use butter as your lip balm.

b) Use some used tea bags for eye depuffing.

c) Apply honey on the skin as a moisturizer if you get it in hotels.

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