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10 Commandments For Ageing Skin For Women Who Are Post 30

Skin care, its method, and process completely change once you step on to the ageing ladder. However, if you are waiting for your skin to give signals one fine morning and then you will want to begin your anti-ageing routine, then the best way to start is from your 30th birthday.

It is not necessary that from that day on your skin will become saggy but if you start from this very day, your scope of facing ageing skin disasters is much less.

Coming to your anti-ageing skin programme that you must start from your 30th birthday, it requires some changes in your existing routine. The addition of some new type of skin care products to treat your skin during the post 30 stage can be summed in the ten commandments.

If you follow these ten commandments for ageing skin, you will never see your wrinkles or saggy skin becoming prominent or noticeable. So, take a look at the simple skin care commandments to follow post 30 that are simple to do and can be followed every day by all the 30+ women.


Commandment I: Use A Retinoid

Retinoid in skin care allows new collagen and skin cell production. Please ensure that your skin care routine includes the use of retinoid regularly once you are 30. You can pick products that have retinoid content. Retinoid is an acne-fighting drug that does not let skin wrinkles or brown spots to pop out. It also protects the skin from the UV rays of the sun.


Commandment II: Keep The Skin Constantly Moistured

As your skin starts ageing, its need for moisture goes up. So once you're post 30, try increasing your skin moisturizing plans. The gap between two skin moisturizing sessions should be minimal such that your skin is always hydrated. You must carry a moisturizer even while travelling, as keeping the skin hydrated increases the chances of wrinkles and dryness.


Commandment III: Use Anti-ageing Products

Once you cross the 30 age border line, ensure your skin care products are all with anti-ageing benefits. Continuing to use your previous skin care products might not provide the right amount of nutrients to the skin. So when going to buy skin care products after 30, ensure they have anti-ageing tags. In fact, posh brands are coming with anti-ageing skin care collections that you should start counting on.


Commandment IV: Maintain A Good Sleeping Posture

Everyone knows that a little extra time to sleep can benefit your skin. But when it comes to ageing skin, along with sleep duration, its posture is also equally important. One of the postures that you must not do during skin-ageing days is, sleeping on your tummy with your face inside the pillow. This allows the pillow to make more fine lines on your skin, increasing the chances of wrinkles. Next, the dirt from the pillow also penetrates into the skin, which has adverse results.


Commandment V: Lower Your Skin Exposure To The Sun

Sun rays are always bad for the skin, irrespective of the age or gender. Ensure that you lower your skin exposure to the sun once you begin with the anti-ageing skin care process. This will let the skin to remain more firm and also not hamper its complexion. Staying indoors is one of the best ways to protect your skin after 30s.


Commandment VI: Manage The Strokes You Use On Your Skin

In order to be perfect in skin care routine, it is important that you allow all your skin care fluids in an upward direction of the skin. Those who apply the skin fluids like moisturizer or toner in a downward direction can face the ageing process a lot earlier. Also, while applying these, you should be gentle and not compromise on the cosmetic content to be applied.


Commandment VII: Extra Care Of The Eyes

One of the body parts that first shows the signs of ageing is around-the-eye region. Either crow's feet or droopy eyelids make the skin soft and wrinkled. Here the solution is to use extra-benefitting eye-special anti-ageing products. Normal anti-ageing products do not work around the eyes, as it is the thinnest skin of the body. For this, you must buy ophthalmologically tested anti-ageing eye skin care products.


Commandment VIII: Be In Touch With A Dermat

Despite hard efforts, the skin easily gives up during this post-30 stage. Thus, keeping your skin in preview of a dermatologist is very important. So, even if you don't have skin problems, a once-in-a-month check-up keeps the skin healthy and fine. During this time, than experimenting on home remedies or DIY recipes, it is better to take advice from a dermatologist in case of any skin-related issue.


Commandment IX: Focus Equally On The Ageing Hair

Post-30 skin care is not only about the skin. The hair also plays a key role. So, along with skin care, ensure you take proper care of your hair during this time. It is the hair that can make you look ten years older even if your skin is not ageing. So, make sure that your skin care and hair care after the 30s are equally paid attention to.


Commandment X: Try Maintaining Thick Eyebrows

One of the hacks to look young is, maintaining thick eyebrows. Those with very neat and thin line of the eyebrow can look over matured. So, try maintaining fat eyebrows after 30. If it's not naturally thick, you can use an eyebrow pencil or cosmetic products. However, the eyebrow should be kept well shaped. In the process of having a thick eyebrow, it should also not look clumsy or unshaped.

Story first published: Monday, August 7, 2017, 14:44 [IST]
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