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Skincare Tips For Men With Oily Skin Problems Like Pimple & Acne

It is not only the women who are stressed by oily skin problems, even men are; however, they panic a little less. Some men have dark skin problem, some dry skin and the rest of course battle with oily skin.

Men with oily skin not only face the oil and sebum flow out from their skin, but also face acne, pimples and several other problems. Either they end up in a salon or in a dermat's chamber to resolve their oily skin problem.

But men hardly know that their oily skin problem can be well resolved at home, if the right method is opted for. Also, when counting on home remedies for oily skin of men, one needs to invest a little time on the same.

The home remedies for oily skin of men might not show results in a day, but of course, these work if followed diligently on the skin, and with good ingredients in a right proprotion.

Here is a list of home remedies that men with oily skin can count on to battle their skin problems and get an assured relief from acne, scar, whitehead, blackheads or pimples on the skin. Read and do try these at home, dear men.


Home Remedy For Men With Oily Skin I: Toner

As extra oil is secreted on the face, you have to provide it more water like beauty essentials that are water based and the first is a toner. Apply a toner on the oily skin (twice in a day) and you can prepare the toner right at home with the following recipe:

a) To prepare the homemade toner for men with oily skin, you'll need two ingredients - apple cider vinegar and distilled water.

b) The ratio of vinegar to distilled water should be 1:3, that is mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into three tablespoons of distilled water.

c) With cotton, apply this on the oily skin two times in a day - preferably when you go out of the house and when you go to sleep at night.


Home Remedy For Men With Oily Skin II: Toner 2

An optional toner recipe that men with oily skin can try. It's a little tough to preserve this toner and one should try and use it as fresh as possible.

a) Ingredients required to prepare this are raw milk and lavender essential oil.

b) In a tablespoon of raw cold milk, add five drops of lavender essential oil.

c) With a cotton pad, apply this all over your face after cleansing it and let it naturally dry. You can use this daily on the skin.


Home Remedy For Men With Oily Skin III: Blotting Papers

Men with oily skin should not use a handkerchief. The harsh texture of the handkerchief reacts on the skin, opens the pores and thus increases oil secreation. The alternative is to carry blotting papers. Cut out pieces of blotting papers and hold it on regions that are too oily. The blotting paper soaks the oil and the skin instantly feels better. Blotting paper is cheap and this is most helpful, when men are out from the house.


Home Remedy For Men With Oily Skin IV: Face Pack

No man is ready to spend long hours for skin treatment, that too at home. So here is a quick face pack recipe that men can prepare. This face pack recipe closes the pores on the skin and thus reduces chances of oil secreation.

a) To prepare this face pack, the required ingredients are - rose water and bentonite clay.

b) Mix a pinch of bentonite clay with a teaspoon of rose water.

c) Make a paste of the clay and rose water. Coat your face with this pack before bath.

d) Wash off after 15 minutes.


Home Remedy For Men With Oily Skin V: Skin Scrub

Men with oily skin need to scrub twice in a week to open the clogged pores and make the skin feel better. The recipe for homemade scrub is as follows:

a) Ingredients for homemade scrub - curd, oatmeal powder, and aloe vera gel.

b) Strain the curd for 15 minutes and get its hung version.

c) In a tablespoon of hung curd, add a teaspoon of oatmeal powder and a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Mix all the ingredients together and your scrub is ready.

d) You have to massage this scrub all over your face and body for 15 minutes and then wash off.

e) This can be used upto two times in a week.


Home Remedy For Men With Oily Skin VI: Face Mask

This face mask recipe for men with oily skin is composed of one ingredient - egg.

a) To prepare this face mask for oily skin, you will need only the egg white.

b) Beat the egg white to a foam form and your mask is ready.

c) Apply a thin coat of the egg mask on your oily skin, let it dry and then wash it off.

d) You could add lavender essential oil as an alternative to avoid the smell.

Story first published: Friday, September 22, 2017, 11:02 [IST]
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