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6 Simple Steps To Buy The Right Foundation

Foundation is a makeup product that all ladies love to own but unfortunately end up using the wrong way. This is because the foundation comes in various colours and the ladies would usually not know how to pick the right one.

Foundation colours are not like lipsticks or nail paints that you can pick from randomly. To pick the right foundation, the primery criterion is that it should match your skin.

So, foundation should be bought in par with the skin colour and type and it's not an easy task to make the tight choice when buying a foundation.

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Also, as the foundation is in direct contact with the skin, it is important to buy the ones that do not only add to the makeup but also benefit the skin.

Foundation is now available in different brands and going by the brand and price, these might not always let you make the right choice.

So, to help the foundation lovers out there, here is a set of six simple tips that will ensure you buy the right foundation and be satisfied on using it.


Foundation With Sunscreen Benefits

When planning to buy a new foundation, ensure that you get the ones with the SPF quotient in it. If your foundation has the SPF quotient, then its usage benefits you with amazing results and also protects your skin. This will also lessen your makeup span, as the foundation will serve the purpose of both the sunscreen and the base makeup.


Learn Your Skin Tone

When it comes to the skin tone of Indian women, there are different types - fair, moderately fair, deep, medium deep, or very deep. First, figure out which skin tone you fall into when absolutely with no makeup. When going to buy the foundation if you already have makeup on the face, then your tone changes and you won't be able to buy the right foundation for yourself. So, before buying the foundation, you have to learn your skin tone, when devoid of any makeup.


Look At The Purpose Of Your Foundation

Well, your foundation sets the last look of your makeup. So, depending on the look, you can figure out the kind of foundation you need to buy. Coming to purpose-oriented types of foundation, there are three kinds - matte, radiant and natural. While it is better to own all these three kinds of foundation, yet what you want to look like at the end of your makeup is the only determinant that will help you decide on your right foundation type.


Considering Your Skin Type

Before buying any cosmetics for your skin, knowing your skin type is important. Similarly, before buying foundation, you need to know the kind of skin you have. The skin types are usually dry, oily, combination and sensitive. While for the first three, mainstream foundations work, in case of sensitive skin, be careful when buying the foundation, as it should not affect your skin and lead to skin breakouts.


Based On The Foundation Coverage

Some prefer makeup that is distinct and prominent. In that case, they should go for a full-coverage foundation. If you want to apply a good foundation, yet not completely make it evident on your face and skin, then using a medium-coverage foundation will make sense. Lastly, you can buy a sheer-coverage foundation, where your foundation will be hardly visible - even if you apply multiple coats of it. So, depending on the kind of coverage you are expecting from your foundation, you can count between - full, medium or sheer coverage.


To Rectify Your Foundation Purchase

Despite all good efforts and intentions, it may happen that your foundation buying still went wrong and you ended up buying a shade lighter or darker. There is a makeup hack that lets you balance light or dark foundation on your skin. For dark shaded foundation, a coat of primer can make it blend into your skin. For light shaded foundation, applying a brightening primer before the foundation balances it out on your skin.

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Story first published: Friday, July 7, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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