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Simple Anti-ageing Skin Hacks & Tricks That Can Be Followed Every Day At Home

With life going on, everyone experiences ageing skin and there is nothing to give up on that note. Women and men at an elderly age do feel concerned about ageing skin problems; however, there are quite a lot of remedies for the same.

To treat ageing skin, the two most important decisions are - a) to start age-based skin care routine at the right age and b) to opt for the right anti-ageing skin remedy or treatment.

Though there exist cosmetic treatments to sort the ageing skin problem and the remedies show an instant result - the outcome is often not long lasting. Also, economically, these cosmetic treatments become a little heavy on the pocket.

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Thus, to rescue your ageing skin, we present to you basic anti-ageing skin hacks following which you will feel a change in the texture and feel of your skin.

These anti-ageing skin hacks and tricks must be followed diligently in order to treat the skin right and notice a good difference.


Reduce Your Skin Exposure

UV exposure or extensive exposure of the skin to the sun at the young age makes it darker and later, becomes a primary cause for aceing ageing skin problems. The sun damages both the collagen and elastin of the skin, which leads to sagging skin, discolouration and an uneven skin texture.

UV rays can also lead to skin cancer and worsen your skin problem. So, with ageing skin, the first thing to do is to make it less exposed to the sun by opting for covered clothes, applying sunscreen lotions and minimizing the day's work hours.


Do Not Massage With Downward Strokes

Doing downward stroke massage on any part of the skin enhances the chances of sagging skin. The ideal way is to apply all kinds of skin essentials in the upwards direction. How you apply liquid cosmetics on the skin determines the blood circulation and thus, you need to be careful about applying creams and lotions. Also, when it comes to the face, you should try going for a circular motion.


Work On Specific Parts Of The Body

Certain parts of the body show extra ageing symptoms. For example, the skin below the eyes or the neck. For these areas, there are special anti-ageing treatments and products that one should opt for. Relying on everyday skin care essentials cannot treat these extra areas of skin ageing. For eye wrinkles, comes in the role of an eye cream; while for the neck, a body lotion can be applied thoroughly.


Rely On The Home Remedies

As mentioned earlier, it is tempting to opt for cosmetic methods of anti-ageing treatment; but this in the long run affects your skin. When it comes to treating your ageing skin, try to opt for home remedies. The best part of going for anti-ageing skin home remedies is, there are no side effects to it. Also, home remedies work slow on the skin but eventually show extraordinary results.


Anti-ageing Products With Retinoids

When you buy anti-ageing skin products, always check the retinoid content in it. The more the retinoid content in the anti-ageing product, the better it works on ageing skin, by making it firm and smooth. If your current anti-ageing products are not working on your skin, then there must be less of retinoid content. It is therefore a must to check the retinoid content of your anti-ageing products such that there is no adverse effect on your soft skin.


Continue Your CTM Routine

Often when adding new skin to-dos for the ageing problem, men and women try to cut on usual CTM routine. Cutting on the cleansing-toning-moisturising (CTM) routine majorly affects the skin. CTM should be continued for all skin types and at all ages. A change in the CTM schedule can lead to bizarre effects on the skin. However, when doing CTM on ageing skin, ensure you use the right set of products that come with anti-ageing benefits.


Don't Dry Your Skin Completely To Re-hydrate It

When it comes hydrating the skin, the first way is, of course, to wash it with water. After washing with water, men and women try to dry the skin completely using a towel before going for a moisturizer or cream. This is not at all required. You can let your skin be a little wet and apply your usual set of anti-ageing cosmetics and that will make no difference. In fact, if your skin is a little wet, it becomes easy and fast to apply the rest of the anti-ageing cosmetics.

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