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Unknown Side Effects Of Sunscreen Lotion That You Must Note, Before Using It

By Kripa

As per mainstream belief, following are the benefits of using a sunscreen lotion on an everyday basis-

a) This protects the skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

b) It does not let the skin to tan.

Sunscreen and its side effects, सनस्क्रीन के साइडइफेक्ट्स, ज़रूर जानें | Boldsky

c) Sunscreen acts as moisturizer for the skin.

d) It protects the skin from the chlorinated water in a swimming pool, if applied in advance.

e) Sunscreen can be applied on the face as well as on all parts of the body that remain exposed to the sun.

Based on the above assumptions about sunscreen lotion, both men and women continue to apply it on their skin all through the year. However, on contrary to these benefits of sunscreen lotion, there exist a lot of demerits of using sunscreen lotion that actually hampers the skin; sometimes it does not make sense to continue using sunscreen lotion on an everyday basis.

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PABA In Sunscreen Leads To Allergic Reactions

One of the chemicals in sunscreen lotion, called PABA, aces rate of allergic reactions on the skin. High content of PABA can lead to skin redness, swelling, burning or itching. Even if the skin is not normal, oily or dry, PABA surely reacts when applied on sensitive skin. So, if you applied a sunscreen lotion that lead to an allergic reaction, then check its portion of PABA content.


Sunscreens React On Acne And Pimples

Mainstream mass-marketed sunscreen lotions react on acne and pimples. It can increase the irritation, redness or intensity of your acne or pimple. As remedy, you should use a non-comedogenic and non-oily sunscreen only. Also, consult with beauty experts and look for sunscreen lotions that cater to your skin requirements.


Distinguish Between Face And Body Sunscreen Lotion

The sunscreen lotion that you apply on your face should not be applied on the rest of the body. In beauty stores, distinct sunscreen lotions for different parts of the body are available and you should pick a lotion according to your requirements and use based on the instructions given. The skin type is different for the face and the body and using the same sunscreen leads to pathetic skin problems.


Sunscreen Is Dangerous For The Eyes

Even if you are super satisfied with your sunscreen lotion, never let it get into your eyes. Apply sunscreen very slowly and carefully only on your cheeks, chin and nose. If the sunscreen lotion enters your eyes, you may need medical help immediately. Thus, reserve time to apply sunscreen on the face and do not through the process.


UVB Versus UVA Rays

Common sunscreen components including avobenzone, oxybenzone, dioxybenzone and octocrylene work on UVB rays of the sun. However, they are ineffective on UVA rays of the sun. If compared, UVA rays of the sun are more dangerous to the skin. That is why, despite coating your skin with sunscreen lotion, often there are no effective benefits.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 11:05 [IST]
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