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Permanent Hair Removal With Laser Treatment: Benefits And Disadvantages

When tired of the weekly salon visits to get hair removal done, you may start counting on hair removal treatments. Conducted in salons and clinics, hair removal treatments are permanent removal of hair from the body and the most common one that is in trend is the laser hair removal.

Emerged during the mid-90s, laser hair removal is a medically tested permanent hair removal process, where highly concentrated cosmetic laser light ray penetrates deep into targeted skin cells and destroys its hair follicles.

The skin cells once treated with the laser hair removal process become incapable of producing any body hair, thereafter.

Laser hair removal can be conducted on any part of the body, including the hands, legs, peri-anal, stomach, buttocks, underarms, bikini line and so on. However, the time duration of the laser hair removal treatment depends on which body part you are doing it on.

For a basic understanding, laser hair removal treatment on the face takes less than half-an-hour. Again for leg hair removal or back, the duration may go up to an hour.

Now, before you get to fix your mind to go for a laser hair removal treatment, here is a list of merits and demerits about the process that you should know about.

This list of benefits and disadvantages related to the laser hair removal method will let you decide better and quicker.

Laser Hair Removal: Benefits


Comparison To Other Hair Removal Methods

The end result of laser hair removal is 90% better if compared to other hair removal methods like waxing, electrolysis and so on.


Faster In Action

As mentioned earlier, the laser hair removal treatment happens in minutes. Though it takes little extra time in case of certain body parts, yet when compared to other hair removal treatments - this is surely faster.


Pain In Laser Hair Removal Is A Myth

Thinking about high concentrated energy passing through your skin, you may feel that a laser hair removal method is painful. But it hardly pains and this has been accepted by those who have undergone laser treatment for hair removal; and that it's just the feeling of a prick on the skin.


All Parts Of The Body

Laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body, including delicate areas like bikini line, chest, breast, nipples and more. The intimate body parts can be cleaned with other hair removal processes like waxing or plucking as well - but the laser treatment is less painful.


Extra Benefits From Laser Hair Removal

Though the immediate outcome of laser hair removal is only hair extraction from your body, after sometime of your treatment, you will find your skin to appear and feel much better. The feel-good factor of a laser hair removal treatment is not an immediate outcome, but happens over time.


Laser Hair Removal: Disadvantages

Does Not Work On All Skin Types

The foremost disadvantage of a laser hair removal method is, it does not work on all skin types. For those with red, blonde or gray hair - the treatment does not work at all. However, on visiting the clinic, you will be in advance guided on whether the laser process will work on your skin type or not.


Not A Permanent Procedure

It is not that once you do a laser hair treatment on a particular part of the body, you will never see hair there again. The laser hair removal treatment stops the existing hair follicles of the skin from operating. However, new hair follicles might happen on the same skin and new hair might pop out too.


Time-taking Process

You might think that on one sitting with the laser hair removal treatment, your body will be devoid of hair. Well, the truth is, each session of the laser hair removal treatment is further divided into 5-6 sub-sessions or more appointments, depending on your hair density and skin type.


Laser Hair Removal Is Expensive

This depends on the number of sessions you are called in for. If the sessions extend upto more than what you thought were necessary for your skin, it can turn out to be a bit expensive. So, discuss the cost part of it in detail with your clinic or salon before you start the treatment on your skin.


After-effects Of Laser Treatment On Skin

Though the hair might disappear, laser hair removal treatment often leaves the skin with problems like itching, pink skin, redness, swelling, acne or skin discolouration. Though these can be further treated, this is one of the disadvantages of the laser hair removal treatment.

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