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Painless Home Remedies For Skin Tags On Face And Body

Skin tags are minute, soft, flesh-coloured skin outbursts usually round in shape that occur in between skin fold areas like anus, armpits, eyelids, neck, under the breasts, groin and so on.

Women and men both face the problem of skin tags, especially during old age, obesity or pregnancy. Though painless, skin tags are worth a concern if you are getting them all of a sudden all over your body.

home remedies for skin tags

Today, we will tell you home remedies for skin tags on face and body that you can count on. However, all the home remedies for skin tags suggested here should only be applied on the body, if you are sure that you are suffering from the problem of skin tag.

In case it is not a skin tag and you do the suggested home remedies, then the skin can react. Some of the following skin tag home remedies are painless, and these are more like treatments than just remedies for skin tags that must be done regularly.

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Though time consuming, these painless home remedies for skin tags effectively target the problem and solve it eventually. Do not try pulling out or cutting off your skin tag, as the outcome can be really severe for the skin.

So, have a look at these home remedies for skin tags.

Thread or Floss

The first and easy home remedy for skin tag is using a thread. Either take a medicated thread or dental floss. Tightly tie the thread or floss around your skin tag and let it be. In case you see the thread getting dirty, you can change it. Tying the thread disrupts the blood circulation to the skin tag and thus, it falls off.

Asphyxiation Using Nail Polish

The method to remove a skin tag using a nail polish is via the process of asphyxiation. In this, oxygen is deprived on the skin tag area. Take any nail polish, apply it on your skin tag and cover it with a gauge. Clean the area and change the gauge once in a day. You will see a change in the size of the skin tag, in the initial few days only.

Fig Stem

To opt for this skin tag home remedy, you will need juice from the stems of a fig tree. You'd have to use the stems and not the fruits. Blend the fig stems in the grinder, strain and apply the juice on the affected areas, twice in a day. After applying the fig stem juice, do not cover the area.

Dandelion Stem

Dandelion stems contain a milky fluid-like substance that you can apply on the skin tags. This dandelion home remedy works on other skin problems as well. Apply the dandelion stem milk, let it dry and reapply it again. Ensure your skin tag is always coated with the dandelion stem milk, after each time it gets dried.

Vitamin E Capsule

Break a Vitamin E capsule, and apply the fluid on the skin tag. You just need to apply the Vitamin E oil and not massage it. Repeat using this home remedy until your skin tag vanishes. Cleanse the area before you apply Vitamin E oil.

Oregano Oil

Get readymade oregano oil from the market or you can prepare it at home as well. To prepare oregano oil at home, you will require fresh oregano and olive oil. Mix the two and let it rest for a month, to get your oregano oil.


Liquid iodine works as a home remedy for skin tags; however, you have to do the application of iodine very cautiously. Apply the iodine liquid only on the Q-tip of your skin tag using an ear bud or dropper. Do not let the iodine touch the surrounding area of your skin tag. For safety, apply some coconut oil to the skin tag, and then put the iodine liquid on top of it.

Bloodroot Paste

The fastest reacting home remedy for skin tag is a bloodroot paste. Get fresh bloodroot from the market and mix it in the blender to a paste. Clean the skin tag area with hydrogen peroxide and apply the bloodroot paste; cover with a gauge. You have to change the gauge at least twice in a day and follow the hydrogen peroxide method. It is better to prepare fresh bloodroot paste for every time you would want to apply it, than storing it. This method works in three to five days.

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