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Night Time Skincare Routine For Mature Skin

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Ageing is a very natural process and we should deal with it with grace. It is not something that needs to be dreaded. But you do need a night skincare routine for your mature skin to make sure that it remains at it's best.

According to experts, the first signs of ageing start to appear at the age of 25, although, not necessarily. So it would be really important for you to have a good skincare regime in place for yourself by the time you turn 25.

The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the later you will start to see signs of ageing. So, here we have a night time skincare routine specifically made for people with mature skin. This skincare routine should be followed twice a day and your skin would be at it's best.


1. Cleanse:

Use a gentle cleanser according to your skin type to wash your face thoroughly to make sure there are no oils or dirt present on the face. This will keep your skin clear and free of clogged pores and things like adult acne.


2. Tone:

Most women don't understand the importance of toning till they use a really good toner. So remember to go for a toner from a good brand, preferably one that has a lot of good customer reviews. Toners help shrink the size of pores and bring the pH level of the face skin back to normal after washing.


3. Eye Cream:

Follow this up with an eye cream. The skin on the under eye are is extremely sensitive and hence needs extra care and hydration. That is why you need an eye cream. Massage the eye cream on to the under eye area and let it get absorbed into the skin.


4. Serum:

If your skin is mature and ageing, then you definitely need a serum. A serum will make sure that the moisturiser gets even more deeply absorbed by your skin. If you can, go for an anti-ageing serum.


5. Moisturiser:

All skin types need moisturiser. And once your skin starts to age, the elasticity and collagen production goes down, which makes the skin quite dry. This is why you should never skip moisturiser.


6. Treatment:

After moisturising, apply a treatment cream like an anti-ageing cream. Go for one that has retinol in it as that is the only thing that can help against ageing.


7. Face Oil:

To finish up and give the skin further hydration, go for a facial oil. Massage this onto the skin and make sure it gets absorbed into the skin.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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