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Must-have Skin Care Products To Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup

A "no makeup" look can only be carried off well if you have a great skin and hair. The key to having great skin and hair is to use beauty products that offer maximum benefits and are a must use for every woman.

It is not only about having good skin. The hair also plays an important role to get your no makeup look perfect. There are a few essential products that could help you in achieving a great look even without makeup. Curious to know more on these?

Then, take a look at the beauty products that you must own and use regularly in order to escape from the cosmetics, when lazy or not in a state to do makeup.

These must-have beauty products will benefit you with a great skin and hair, and allow you to look beautiful even without makeup. Check the list!


Scrubber Or Exfoliator

The good part about owning a scrubber/exfoliator is, it completely cleanses the skin when used. However, to see the reaction of the scrubber on your skin, you must use it regularly. Scrubbers come in a variety where you should go for the ones that are not gizzy in texture. Scrubbers work great especially if you have clogged pores. When using a scrubber on your skin, be gentle such that your skin does not get affected by the end of the process.



Moisturizer can be applied all over the body and not only on the face. When using a moisturizer, ensure that it caters to your skin type and is used at least two times in a day, depending on your skin type. Do not judge or buy a moisturizer based on fragrance alone. A little scoop of a good branded moisturizer caters to all the skin requirements from day to night.


Oil, Shampoo, And Conditioner

Coming to the hair care beauty products, the list is endless and will confuse you at the makeup store or online. To make it easy, along with your "no makeup" look, you need to have that good hair. The key to get this is regular application of oil, shampoo, and conditioner. Even if you can skip on a hair mask or hair serum, the oil, shampoo, and conditioner are a must use for every hair type. Try buying these from the same brand for extra benefits on your hair.


A Distinct Face Wash

A common tendency is to apply the body soap on face and this is utterly wrong. In your no makeup look, your face plays a pivotal role and to make your face appear at its best, you must use a face wash. A face wash caters to the skin requirements of the face and also caters to the particular pH balance of the face, that is different from the rest of the body. You can use a face wash for up to three times in a day. Extra use of the face wash takes off the skin's natural oil and moisture content.



Whether you like makeup or not, a sunscreen is a must have beauty product for both men and women. The harsh UV rays of the sun penetrate into the skin easily and damage cells and tissues. This can be avoided only with a topical application of a sunscreen lotion that comes with different numbers. Depending on your skin type and weather, pick the right sunscreen and do not miss to apply it to your skin, especially while stepping out of the house during the day time. Sunscreen acts as a moisturizer for the skin.



Owning beauty serums also contribute to the no makeup look and make you look beautiful. Serums are further categorized based on the skin type, or specific body parts like hair serum, eyebrow serum and so on. Depending on your skin requirements, make a collection of beauty serums and apply them at regular intervals. Serums treat the skin or hair problems and thereby contribute to your "no makeup" look.


Lip Balm Or Lip Cream

While your body moisturizer can cater to all the parts of the body, the lips on the face are very unique. Its texture and type differ from the rest of the body. For the lips to look their best, ensure you hydrate them enough with a lip balm or a cream. These come in different flavours and you can be picky about the one you plan to use.

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