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Life-saving Hacks For Girls With Thin Brows

By Rima Chowdhury

During olden times, thin eyebrows were in rage because it did help to add drama and effect to the face. However, days have changed and so has the fashion sense! We have shared certain tips for girls with thin eyebrows and don't know what to do about it.

Thicker and bolder eyebrows are totally in these days, which means it really becomes difficult to manage thin eyebrows and you have to look for tips on how to shape thin eyebrows to make them appear good.

There are several ways to make your eyebrows look big and bold naturally, but for most of them, eyebrows tend to remain sparse forever. However, even if your eyebrows are thin and sparse naturally, here are some life-saving tips for you.

So, here are the tips that girls with thin eyebrows could use. Take a look.


1. Boost The Hair Growth

One ultimate idea to enjoy fuller and broader eyebrows is to grow your eyebrows fully by putting down the tweezers. You may feel awkward for some time, but have the patience for some time and allow the hair to grow like how you want it to be. Allow the hair of your eyebrows to reach its full potential in length.


2. Shape Them Professionally

You may be tempted to shape your eyebrows soon after they grow to the full length. But wait until you take a risk with your fully grown eyebrows. Make sure you know an expert in the city who can shape your eyebrows and make them appear broad and fuller than usual. You can get them professionally shaped by opting to several methods like threading, tweezing or waxing.


3. Use Of Brow Filler

Brow filler should be your best friend when you are dealing with thin eyebrows. Brow filler can not only change your eyebrow shape, but it can change your life forever. Apply some brow gel on your brows with the help of an angled brush, as this is the most precise method. Women usually opt to use eyebrow pencils that help them to shape the eyebrows better and make them appear more natural. No matter what the process is that you are using, brow fillers are really magical.


4. Massage With Castor Oil

Massaging your eyebrows with castor oil is an ultimate idea to boost the hair growth and make them appear broad and strong. You should massage your eyebrows with castor oil or coconut oil daily, as it helps to boost the circulation of blood around the area. Due to the increased flow of blood to the follicles, it will help to make the eyebrows look bigger, broader and more longer. Take some castor oil and heat it for some time. Now, massage your brows with the castor oil and leave it overnight.


5. Exfoliate Your Skin

You should exfoliate your skin, as it helps to boost the growth of hair by eradicating the dead cells and tissues. Make sure you scrub the area in a circular direction and not harshly. Exfoliating the skin can also help to boost the flow of blood in the area, thus improving the growth of hair. Exfoliating the area twice in a week can help to bring a lot of difference.


6. The Onion Juice Treatment

Onion juice treatment is an excellent way to boost the growth of hair follicles and get a fuller eyebrow. Applying some onion juice on the eyebrows can help to boost the hair growth and also help to make your brows look big. Due to sulphur present in the onion, it helps to encourage the blood circulation, further boosting the hair growth in a person. Apply some onion juice and then leave it for several minutes before washing it off.

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