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Know These Before Going In For The Lip Augmentation Procedure

By: Rima Chowdhury

When it comes to lip trends, lip fillers have been one of the craziest and most-searched-for terms in the history of cosmetic surgery. Women have gone crazy over lip fillers, as they are a fairly non-invasive way to plump your lips up and make them look perky and luscious. However, in this article, we are listing the pros and cons of lip fillers, read on.

We all have heard about beauty treatments that can go wrong and hence there are chances that you may be really nervous for the lip fillers that you are opting to go for. However, if you want to try lip fillers for once, this article can help you know all about the treatment.


1. What Is A Lip Filler Made Of?

Most new and latest lip fillers have hyaluronic acid in them and these are also known as hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is something that you can find in most of the beauty products. According to studies, it is said that hyaluronic acid is found in the human body and it has the capacity to hold up to 1000 times its body weight. Earlier, there were silicone fillers that were used to pump up the lips; however, these have been replaced now by hyaluronic acid fillers.


2. Who Can Opt For The Treatment?

The most common reason why most of the women opt for lip fillers is because they want to look professional, beautiful and charming. There are several high brand spas that provide you the treatment of lip fillers and augmentation. One important thing you should remember is to avoid getting lip fillers from a person who is not certified. Otherwise, you can suffer from serious consequences.


3. How Does It Feel During The Treatment?

Once you have found that the person is certified and is professional enough to give you a shot, you're good to go for the treatment. Some of the women undergo slight pain when the needle goes in, while some others feel like a pinch. If you are sure, you will suffer from a bad pain, you can ask the expert to apply some numbing cream and then proceed with the treatment.


4. How Do I Get Started?

You should consult an expert and make sure he/she is a certified doctor. Make sure you are ready with the queries you have regarding the procedure and once you are convinced enough of sustaining it, you could go ahead with the treatment as per the expert's advice and suggestion.


5. What Are The Pros And Cons Of This Procedure?

While proceeding with the procedure, you may want to know what are the pros and cons of this procedure. Because your body naturally makes hyaluronic acid, there are not many side effects of this procedure. After the procedure, you may encounter a little bit of swelling, which can make you feel like the skin has been punctured. However, if you are not going with a hyaluronic acid filler, the risk of major side effects with silicone or other artificial fillers is there.


6. How To Find A Good Doctor To Do The Treatment?

You could check with someone who has already undergone the treatment successfully. Otherwise, you could ask your dermatologist or general practitioner for a referral. Dermatologists generally have a fair amount of knowledge on who is good in the city and who is not.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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