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How To Use Lip Balm & Not Just For Chapped Lips

By Riddhi

Lip balm may not be the most glamorous beauty product, but it is definitely one of the most important beauty products for most of us. We just can't live without having at least one lip balm in our bags at all times.

But did you know that lip balms can save you from more than just chapped lips? We all own way too many lip balms, a lot more than we actually need in fact. This could be because we just can't resist all the amazing flavours they are available in or just that we keep losing them.

Find out about all the amazing ways in which you can use lip balms for reasons other than to just soothe chapped lips.


1. Dry Hands:

When you can't find any hand lotion around, just dab on some lip balm on the driest areas. These are mostly the areas around the fingers and between the fingers. Dry hands no more with the use of lip balms!


2. Cuticles:

Dry cuticles don't look good at all. And sometimes, there seems to be no fix for them. Just apply some lip balm on the cuticles to nourish them and then when they are a little softer, push them back using a cuticle stick.


3. Remove Eye Makeup:

Put some lip balm on a Q tip and use this to remove your eye makeup when you don't have an eye makeup remover around or can't find one. Try the minty variants of lip balms for this.


4. Eye Cream:

A lip balm can help reduce fine lines and crow's feet around the under-eye area. This is a great tip if you don't feel like investing on an eye cream. Use a lip balm that is not tinted for this purpose. Lip balms can give you more intense hydration on the under-eye area than what plain moisturisers do.


5. Tame Fly-aways:

Fly-away hair can ruin your entire look. And not all of us use hair sprays. Just use some lip balm to set the hair right back where it belongs. You could go for the regular non-flavoured lip balms for this purpose.


6. Nose:

If you have a cold, all that rubbing your nose with a tissue can really harm your nose and make it red and dry. Apply some lip balm under your nose right after you rub it, to keep it healed.

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Story first published: Friday, February 24, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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