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How To Smell Good All Day? Without The Use Of A Perfume

No one would want to start their day with others telling them about the nasty "stink". Yes, the body odour can sometimes really put off a person when he/she over-hears people talking at his/her back.

Instead, one must take personal initiatives such that he/she smells good all day long.

So, how to beat this constant issue, you ask? The answer is rather simple.

Perfumes/deos are the first options that people can think of mostly to beat body odour; however, these only mask the odour and cannot last for long.

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Cutting short and getting to the point, today we are sharing with you a list of cosmetic products that can improve and make you smell good, apart from the regular sprays and deos that you use.

These cosmetics, except perfumes and deodorants, can be used both by men and women who intend to smell good always. So, go ahead, take a look and kick that body odour problem right in the face!


Body Butter

Not very commonly seen in skin care routine, body butter from posh brands can be added to your routine when in the attempt to smell good. The body butter usually comes in flavours like shea or cucumber, or strawberry, and keeps a long-lasting effect.


Body Cream/Lotion/Moisturizer

An alternative to perfume, the next way to smell good is opting for a good body cream during winters. In case of summer, you can use a body lotion or a moisturizer in order to smell good. Determining whether to apply a cream or liquid lotion on your skin also depends on your skin type.


Body Wash Or Soap

All your attempts to smell good depends on one key factor - your body wash or soap that you use during your bath. Regular bath schedules with mild soap or body wash are one of the healthy attempts to bring in a change in your body smell.



Though only applicable on the face, toners also make one smell good. Isn't it important for your face to smell good as well? Toners come in different flavours and thus, you can experiment with new aromas everytime you buy a new toner. When buying a toner, always try going for the fruity onest.


Scented Nail Polish

If you are extra-conscious on how your hands smell, then you can go for scented nail polish. Perfumed, these nail polishes do not smell like the regular ones and make your hands smell good too. It's not that the scent of your nail polish will vanish in the first day. It stays on your hands till your nail polish gets chapped.


Using Perfumed Sachet

Smelling good is not a bodily phenomenon alone. It happens only when you maintain a clean body and also a neat wardrobe. From clothes to undergarments, everything must smell good and be super clean. To make your wearables smell good, you can put perfumed sachets in your wardrobe, such that there is no scope of any bad smell.


Counting On Hair Spray

Now when you do so much for your body to smell good, what about the hair? Yes, hair shampoo and conditioners do bring in a good smell to the hair, but you cannot do it every day. As an alternative, start using a hair spray. Hair spray is an instant way to make your hair smell good, especially after a workout or hectic day at work and before going for a party or any casual outing.

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