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How To Get Perfectly Defined Brows?

By Riddhi

Big, perfectly defined eyebrows are in trend these days, as opposed to thin over tweezed ones. So, we will tell you how to get perfectly defined eyebrows at home without having to go to the parlour.

So, forget about your next threading appointment and set off on growing your eyebrows. This can be a little difficult to do, especially if you are someone who goes for threading on a strict and regular basis. But trust us, the patience is totally worth it.

So, deal with your sparse hairs growing a little bit, and once they have grown, set about shaping them all by yourself at home.



Put some powder on the areas where you have extra hairs on your eyebrows. This helps the moisture to get absorbed and it is easier to pull the hair out.



Use a pair of tweezers to remove only the extras from your eyebrows while keeping the natural shape of your eyebrows intact. Over tweezing is something that you've got to leave behind.



Take a pair of scissors and trim the extra long hairs on the eyebrows, making sure that all the hair is levelled together.



The process of tweezing can be quite painful if you are new to it. Apply some aloe vera gel to soothe the areas once you are done. Once you get used to tweezing it will hurt a lot less. This will also help close up the open pores so that they don't get clogged and turn into ingrown hair.



After finishing moisturise the area so that it does not get dry. We have seen that using calamine lotion can be really beneficial.

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