How To Bleach At Home Correctly

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A lot of women can be uncomfortable with the idea of removing facial hair via waxing or threading. Bleaching is a really good method for such women. But bleaching at the parlor can be quite expensive. Here's how you can bleach your facial hair at home correctly and safely.

What a face bleach does is, it lightens the hair on your face to match that of your skin. This is really good for girls who have a lot of facial hair, which is also quite dark in colour. Now, we know bleaching can get a little painful, especially when done on your own, so we will let you know steps to safely bleach at home.

Other benefits of bleaching can include tan removal. It helps lighten the skin tone and get rid of tanned and uneven skin. But this is about lightening facial hair and making it less visible.

A lot of girls have dark facial hair that seems to show up even in photos. So, this is the best method to try if you are comfortable with this procedure. Every time you bleach, it will last you for about a month or so.

Now, read more on how to bleach correctly at home.


Prepare The Mix:

Make the bleach mix. You will need to add more activator to the mix if your hair is really dark. Mix it well, so that the activator is fully mixed and does not feel grainy.


Cleanse Your Face:

Wash your face to remove all oils and makeup from it. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser that does not have too many chemicals in it.


Moisturise The Skin:

The bleach can be really harsh on your skin if you forget to moisturise. It can feel like it is stinging or can even cause rashes, so be sure not to skip this step. Most bleaches come with pre-bleach creams, so that should have you covered.


Apply The Bleach:

Use your fingers, or a brush, to apply the bleach all over your face. Make sure you apply it in the direction of hair growth as well as opposite to the direction, so that all the hair is covered.


Leave It On:

Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, this again depends on how much facial hair you have and how much lighter you'd want it to turn.


Wash Off Thoroughly:

Wash it off with cold water and then apply some aloe vera gel to your skin to help soothe it better.


Apply A Sunscreen:

Be sure to apply a sunscreen to your face when stepping out, because otherwise your skin may tan again and the bleach wouldn't solve its purpose. The sun would affect your skin a lot more if you have just bleached it.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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