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    Home Remedies To Treat Face Blisters

    When you have a pimple on your face and its pocket is filled with water or pus, then it is called a blister. Of course, when the blister is on your face, then it'd be called a face blister.

    Face blisters happen due to the friction of the skin or extreme exposure to dirt and pollution. Fluid gets accumulated in the layers of the skin and this pops out in the form of a blister. The worst kind of blister on skin is a blood blister, which is very rare on the skin. In case of a blood blister, you must visit a dermatologist.

    home remedies for face blisters
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    If you are having a normal face blister at its adolescent stage, then here are the home remedies that you can try to treat it. Blisters do not dry easily. Applying these home remedies on your face blister will make it burst faster with less side effects.

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    At the end, we also let you know how to treat a face blister after it breaks.


    Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

    The acidic content of apple cider vinegar works on face blisters. Do not over-apply the apple cider vinegar. You can apply ACV on your blister for twice a day. Soak a cotton pad with apple cider vinegar and dab this on to the face blister. Let the cotton pad be on your face blister for 20 minutes for quick results.


    Aloe Vera Gel

    When you are having a face blister, the first conclusion is that your skin is very active and is reacting. So to calm it down, use aloe vera gel. Make sure to use fresh aloe vera gel and not a cosmetic one. Take a leaf of an aloe vera, split it at the centre and apply the gel on the affected area. You can do this three to five times in a day. This will also control your irritation on the face blisters.


    Coconut Oil

    The mother treatment to all the gross skin problems, coconut oil works effectively on face blisters. Take coconut oil in a tablespoon and warm it on a candle. Ensure you don't overheat it. Apply this warm coconut oil all around the blister and leave. Do not massage or try to apply coconut oil to the tip of the blister. This coconut oil home remedy for face blister works slow, but it is very effective.


    Green Tea

    Liquor green tea works on face blisters. Prepare the green tea a little strong by putting in extra green tea bags. Then, soak cotton pads and apply this on the face blisters. For extra benefits, you can keep the green tea in the refrigerator, chill it and then use. Once you prepare the green tea, it can be saved for future use.


    Roll-on Deodorant

    Though this may sound very weird, roll-on deodorants actually work on the face blisters. Take the deo and roll it around your face blister. By chance if you have plans of going out after applying the roll-on deodorant, then ensure you put a band aid on it. If on applying the roll-on around your face blister the roll-on starts to burn, please discontinue its use.


    Vitamin E Oil

    Break a vitamin E capsule and apply its fluid around the face blister. You can also very gently apply the vitamin E fluid on top of the face blister. Let the vitamin E oil be on the face blister for some time to work on. You can mix vitamin E oil with any calendula ointment and apply it on the face blister till it bids a goodbye to your skin.

    Home Remedy When The Face Blisters Break Or Pop Out:

    • When the face blisters break or pop out, first wash the area. Dry the area and cover it with a band aid.
    • After removing band aid, the place will retain the blister acne. Treat the blister acne by mixing tea tree oil and vegetable oil in the ratio 1:3 and then use it.

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