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Make Your Foundation Last Long With These Very Easy-to-do Hacks

We usually put a lot of effort in applying a foundation, as we all know it is the key to our makeup. Yet, after a point of time, it becomes cakey, muddy or clumsy. Why does that happen?

Despite using the best-branded foundations, women often complain about this mess. The issue is, there are some common hacks you need to use while applying a foundation in order to make it last long on your face.


If you miss doing those, the outcome is a messy foundation look within a few hours.

To not let your foundation go messy and let all your makeup effort be in place, here are a few simple hacks to follow while applying a foundation, which will make it last long and stay on your face.

6 Simple Steps To Buy The Right Foundation

From pre-foundation application to post application, this to-do list is a must try for all foundation users to see a difference in the longevity of their makeup.


Use A Primer As Base And Setting Spray At The End

The longevity of your face foundation is highly dependent on what you put on your face as a base and at the end of your makeup. To ensure that the foundation really stays, begin with a good primer on your dry face, as it smoothens the face and can be applied like a moisturizer.

At the end of your entire makeup, do add a hint of setting spray or setting powder, which will again ensure that your foundation does not mess up by mid-day.


Method Of Application

The method of application that you use for the foundation also determines the fortune of it. The two best ways to apply a foundation is by using your fingertips, which also diffuses the colour, making it appear natural. And, using a makeup sponge that will absorb extra foundation and layer it all over smoothly. Using a sponge for applying foundation also gives a seamless finish, which makes it easy to apply the next makeup that is the contour or blush.


Optimum Amount Of Foundation

Expecting the foundation to do a miracle on the skin complexion, many apply an excess of it. Some become stingy about their precious foundation and apply less of it. More or less application of foundation becomes evident in quick time.

To make your face makeup or foundation effect last long, please ensure that you apply the right amount of foundation only. The amount of foundation to be used depends on two factors - a) your face size and b) the final foundation effect that you want.


Using Butterfly Formation For Foundation

To apply contour in the right way, imagine a "three" by the side of your face, starting from the forehead till the chin. In case of the foundation, you have to imagine a butterfly from the center of your face. The antennae of the butterfly are the two sides of your forehead where you have to apply the foundation.

The wings come on the sides or cheeks of your face and you have to apply the foundation here as well. The body of the butterfly is on your nose, so be gentle with your foundation on the nose. Finally, do not miss to put an extra dot of foundation on the chin.


Be Careful Post The Application Of A Foundation

Another very silly way of spoiling the foundation is by rubbing it with your hands all over, all through the day. Either due to consciousness or in concern for the makeup, many women keep touching and feeling their face all day. This hampers the existing makeup and also makes the foundation go bad in sometime. Try not to disturb once you coat your face with a foundation. Also, extra use of phones can hamper your makeup, confirm professional makeup artists.


Using Tissue Or Bloating Paper On Your Foundation

The foundation often dozes off on the face because the natural skin oils come out. You can control this by carrying some tissue or bloating paper with you. Whenever you feel oily, especially on the T-zone of the face or at the center of the face, use your tissue or bloating paper. However, when using a tissue or bloating paper, please make sure there is a mirror in front of you.

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Story first published: Friday, July 14, 2017, 10:14 [IST]
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