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    Five Anti-Ageing Face Packs From The Kitchen

    By Jaiwanthika

    The best time to begin using anti-ageing treatments is once you cross thirty, and your skin starts to show the first signs of ageing. Anti-ageing treatments don't have to be very drastic; with regular maintenance, they can take years off your face and save you millions in your doctors' bills!

    There are several fruits and vegetables you could use to make effective anti-ageing skin treatments, although if you have very severe signs of ageing, consulting a dermatologist would be the best option for you.

    Anti-Ageing Face Packs From The Kitchen

    Nevertheless, including these amazingly simple DIY and 100% natural anti-ageing treatments in your beauty regimen could never hurt:


    Banana And Yogurt Pack

    Mash two ripe bananas with about three tablespoons of yogurt. Add two capsules of Vitamin E and your favourite essential oil. Mix well. You can even pop it in the freezer for about ten minutes to make it more effective!

    Apply this cool mixture on your face and leave it on for anything between 20 and 45 minutes. Wash it off and observe your fine lines all gone. Do this once a week for best results.


    Tomato And Pumpkin Seed Pack:

    Make a thick paste of one big tomato and a handful of pumpkin seeds in the blender. Add rose water to dilute the consistency till it's neither too thick nor too runny.

    Apply this mixture on your face and leave it on for up to 45 minutes.

    The acids in the tomato gently polish and de-tan the skin while erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

    The pumpkin seed provides a powerful boost of nutrients and minerals. If applied regularly, the results are guaranteed and your wrinkles will disappear sooner.


    Very Green Face Pack

    Make a thick paste of two cups of spinach leaves, one cup of coriander leaves, one cup of curry leaves and one cup of mint leaves.

    Add some coconut milk or rose water to dilute the consistency till it's just right and freeze for about ten minutes.

    Add two Vitamin E capsules or some coconut oil to this mix, apply it all over your face and leave it on for about 45 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel. You'll find your fine lines gone in no time. Try this once a week for a month to see a definite change.


    Avocado And Cream Face Pack

    Mix the pulp of a ripe avocado, with about half a cup of fresh cream. Don't throw away the stone of the avocado, as it has all the nutrients; instead grind it and mix the powder into your face pack too.

    Put this wonderful mixture in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes and then apply it all over your skin. You should leave the pack on for 45 minutes. Regular use effectively reduces wrinkles.


    Apple, Potato And Aloe Vera Mask:

    This wonderful mask combines the goodness of three powerhouse foods! Blend together ¾ of an apple and one potato till you get a fine paste.

    To this paste, add some aloe vera gel, and stir properly. Apply this mix all over your face and leave it on for 45 minutes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles considerably, and apply it regularly for best results.

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