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Facts Related To Bikini Waxing For Every First Timer

Now that you have decided to go for your first bikini waxing session, it is clear that you have a special reason around that; may be for someone specific or to look awesome in your new bikini, as you have a beach trip planned.

Bikini Waxing: Things you MUST know before doing, बिकनी वैक्स से पहले जानें ये ज़रूरी बातें | BoldSky

Irrespective of the reason, when deciding on a bikini waxing session, it can get quite challenging, First, getting naked in front of the professional, next the hot wax being applied to your intimate areas and lastly, the extraction with wax strips. None can deny that bikini waxing is painful, embarrassing and has some cons by the end.

But hello, you can't let go of the idea of bikini waxing either, ain't it?

facts about bikini waxing

Coming to the first time in bikini waxing, here are the basics that you must learn before you go for the bikini waxing session in order to make it a pleasant experience. If you just walk into a salon and expect the bikini waxing to happen like a magic, then that's a myth.

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So, here are the facts related to bikini waxing that every first timer must know in order to get used to the process and not remain scared about it.

Go With Good Hair Growth

A common concern for first timers is, whether to opt for a bikini waxing with long hair growth or with short hair? Well, head to the salon or professional with long hair growth when planning to do a bikini waxing. Long hair allows the wax to grasp the area and thus, it becomes less painful. In case the waxer feels the need to they can always chop or shave the area before starting with the bikini waxing session.

Wait, Before You Get Intimate The Next Time

After a bikini waxing session, you should ideally wait for 24 hours and then go for any intimate acts. This is because after the bikini waxing, the area still will remain disturbed, gross and might be swollen. So, for the first 24-hours after a bikini waxing, just let it rest, be calm, keep the area clean and take care.

Ensure You Wear Comfortable Clothing

The waxer or parlour professional is really not interested in your lacy thongs or fancy panties. So during bikini waxing, ensure you have a covered cotton panty to wear thereafter. As after the bikini waxing experience, that intimate space remains very soft and sensitive, and the panty should be able to protect it. Some comfortable pajama or cotton skirt is the best to go for after the session.

Contact A Salon Or Professional

In order to get rid of the awkward feeling, often first timers try waxing out the intimate space themselves at home. This can lead to a much massive skin disorder and should be strictly avoided. For bikini waxing, opt for professionals or salons who are experts in this business. In fact, schedule a prior appointment in your favourite salon, discuss your concerns with the salon professional and then go for bikini waxing.

The Cautious 24 Hours

After bikini waxing, the first 24 hours is very important. Exactly like he intimate act, you should not do any physical activity like swimming or a workout. Extra-strenuous work after bikini waxing increases the scope for the area to get sored and affected.

Bikini Versus Brazilian Waxing

When going for a bikini waxing plan, you will be asked whether you would want to do a bikini wax or Brazilian wax. Do not get confused between the two. Bikini wax limits to the front area, while Brazilian wax extends to the butt, that is the back side as well. So, depending on your purpose and requirement, you could pick any one of the two.

Not Around Your Period

Do not schedule your bikini waxing session around your periods. A week before to a week later your periods, the bikini waxing appointment should be avoided. During periods, your intimate space is already tired, fatigued and weak. So let it get back to its usual and then plan the bikini waxing. Thus, bikini waxing after a week from your period date is the best time to do it.

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