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Cure Your Stretch Marks At Home With These Quick Remedies

Only delivery of babies can create stretch marks is the first major myth. Stretch marks can happen at any muscle of your body and the list of reasons is hard to count. It might come from your family, or outcome of extreme weight gain or weight loss.

Hormonal changes in the body, genetic disorders, unplanned medication, swift change in lifestyle, altering food habits, etc., are other probable reasons why you are getting those hard-to-treat stretch marks.

Now, once you are having stretch marks, over why it is happening, your look out is how to solve it? The remedies for stretch marks are many. From cosmetic surgery to allopathic medication - there are many ways of treating stretch marks.

But before making a big plan, how about trying to cure your stretch marks problem right at home?

Yes, simple ingredients available at home or in the local supermarket can sort your stretch marks problem if you be a little patient and committed to trying the remedies.

The home remedies for stretch marks might not work overnight, but a patient application of it can show marvellous results.

So, here are five simple ingredients that you can get from the local hypermarket and start applying every day on your stretch mark-prone areas in the right way for a perfect cure.



Sugar acts as a healthy natural exfoliator. To apply sugar on your stretch marks, you have to prepare a scrub of it. In two tablespoons of sugar, you can add five tablespoons of almond oil to prepare the sugar scrub for your stretch marks. Instead of almond oil, even lemon juice can be squeezed in the right amount to the sugar, to reduce stretch marks. Your scrubbing regimen on stretch marks should be of thrice in a week.


Cocoa Butter

The therapeutic, anti-wrinkling anti-ageing properties of cocoa butter work on stretch marks like magic. Also, when you apply cocoa butter directly on the skin, there is an excellent feel-good factor. To get rid of stretch marks, you have to apply cocoa butter on the affected areas twice in a day. Adding some Vitamin E oil to the cocoa butter can ace your stretch mark removal process.


Castor Oil

From hair, the benefits of castor oil extend to stretch marks as well. Direct application of castor oil works well on stretch marks. However, you have to apply the castor oil in a massage-like procedure and in a circular pattern for a quick recovery. A 15-minute good massage of castor oil on the stretch mark-prone area has to follow with a hot water bag. The hot water bag might react with your skin; so wrap the massaged area with a clean cloth and then apply heat to your stretch mark area. This can be done right before going to bed. This process helps you to sleep early.


Aloe Vera

The versatile role of aloe vera extends to stretch marks as well. Get fresh aloe vera gel and apply it on your affected area. Aloe vera is a homoeopathic remedy for stretch marks. With aloe vera application, your skin might get sticky, but you can clean it with hot water wipes.


Coconut Oil

One of the old-school yet guaranteed home remedy to stretch marks is coconut oil. 100% natural in nature, easy to get and very affordable, coconut oil can be massaged on the stretch marks twice in a day, to see the marks almost vanishing. In a month, your stretch marks will fade and by the next month, they will be gone with everyday application of coconut oil two times in a day.

Story first published: Saturday, July 1, 2017, 15:00 [IST]