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Common Manicure Mistakes And Their Immediate Remedies

Mistakes might happen during beauty treatments and there's no way can you escape from these, especially during a manicure.

manicure mistakes

Manicure mistakes have been confessed by men, women and salon professionals over the years. In some cases, you may be aware of it and a few, you may not.

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Today, at Boldsky, we thought of sharing with you a list of common mistakes that can occur during a manicure session. Knowing about these can help you steer clear of these.

So, below is the list of common manicure mistakes you need to be aware of, take a look.

Single Coat Of Nail Polish

This manicure mistake is only for women. In a hurry or to shorten the manicure duration, often women leave their fingers with a single coat of colour. This is wrong and does not let the real colour of the nail paint come up. Also, a single coat of nail polish makes it less lasting. So during the nail polish application in manicure, there is first a base coat to be applied and then, a filling coat on top of that.

Over-trimming Of Nails Or Cuticles

The second common manicure mistake that men and women face even at home is, over trimming of the nails or cuticles. This is either due to less attention paid to the trimming session or because of using the wrong cutter. This makes the hands and palms pain and is risky. To rectify this manicure mistake, ensure you have the right manicure kit and pay complete attention to your fingers when the trimming is happening.

Using Any Wrong Products Or Cosmetics

This especially happens in the salon when you over-trust the professional. Salons mistakenly might apply pedicure cosmetics on your hands. Avoid it, by checking what is being applied during the manicure by reading thoroughly. This becomes safer if you opt for home-based manicure kits using homely or natural products only.

Filing Side Wise

Men and women during manicure often file their nails side wise. This is a major mistake. Nail filing should always be done unidirectionally. Those who move the filer on both sides of the nails get tiny nail cuts that can become irritating. So, even if you are filing your nail after a nail-cutting session, ensure you file it unidirectionally. If you continue filing it side wise, then you will be continuing to make that manicure mistake.

Shake Or Roll The Nail Paint Bottle

All women know that nail polish bottle needs to be moved before application for a smooth coat on the nails. Well, do not shake the nail polish bottle vigorously though. The ideal remedy to this common manicure mistake by women is to roll the nail paint bottle. Rolling it makes the nail paint more user-friendly during application. Those who shake the nail paint bottle let the tiny air pockets be gathered in the nail paint, making it tough to apply.

Beginning With The Nail Polish

For some women, a manicure is all about nail polish - changing it, recoating the colour and so on. Well, an ideal manicure is not about the nail polish alone. It includes scrubbing, moisturizing, massaging and so on. Plus, there are many kinds of manicures. Based on the manicure you pick, ensure all the steps of it are conducted on your hands for a final hand makeover.

Fan Drying The Nail Colour

Fan drying the nail polish is an unnecessarily long process. Here, the remedy for this manicure mistake is, simply apply the nail polish and then dip your hand in some cold refrigerated water. This makes the nail polish dry faster. In the other method, there can be an extra scope of the nail paint getting smudged.

Use Of Cotton Pad

Despite all the attention and attempt, nail polish getting smudged can happen during a manicure. Do not try using a cotton pad or soft scarf to clean the smudged nail paint. Just use an ear bud and rub the extra nail polish along the sides. The ear buds are thin and can remove the minute stains that can be found around.

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